In an obvious effort to look to be offended at every single turn, a group of Atheists have filed a lawsuit against a  Marine Corp base on Hawaii for a sign that’s been there for decades.

The activists are claiming that if the sign isn’t torn down then “they are going have hell to pay.”

What’s so maddening about the sign?

It says “God bless the military.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation contacted Col. Sean Kileen to demand the sign’s removal, Fox News wrote. The message, which has stood in plain view on base property since shortly after September 11, 2001, reads: “God bless the military, their families and the civilians who work with them.”

Now it’s not all bad mind you.

They don’t want the sign taken down never to be resurrected again.

They just want the sign moved to the base’s chapel.

The suit was brought forward by Mikey Weinstein who serves as  president of the MRFF. In the suit he claims the sign is in violation of the constitution.

Their suit reads:

“This sign is a brazen violation of the No Establishment clause of the Constitution, as it sends the clear message that your installation gives preference to those who hold religious beliefs over those who do not, and those who prefer a monotheistic, intervening god over other deities or theologies,” the letter from MRFF aide Blake Page to Kileen read, the Blaze reported. “We recognize the value that religious activity brings to the lives of many; however, this sign is not in keeping with the time, place and manner restrictions required by law [or] for any military commander to bolster religious principles through the official authority given to their rank and position.”

Apparently there were numerous complaints made by subordinates to have the sign moved, but they were reluctant to bring these complaints to their C.O. because they feared punishment.

“When [the sign] is not on chapel grounds, it is divisive,” Weinstein said, the Blaze reported. “IT is elevating the concept of one faith over no faith, which the Supreme Court has made very clear is wrong, and so we have asked the commander … to move it to the chapel grounds or take it off the installation altogether.”

Here’s the most disturbing part of the suit.

Weinstein said the only way the sign could remain in its present location is if the sign read “There is no God to bless our military, their families and the civilians who work with them.”

Now that’s offensive!