CNN made itself the home for anti-Trump Republicans.

They go on the network and CNN makes it seem like the entire party is turning on the President.

Now all hell is breaking loose because of what this anti-Trump Senator said about the President.

Ben Sasse Attacks the President

Nebraska’s Ben Sasse leads the Never Trump movement in the Senate.

Sasse votes conservative.

But he never leads a fight to help conservatives accomplish any goals.

Sasse was silent when gun grabbers tried to gut the Second Amendment after the tragedy in Parkland.

He never introduces bills to end abortion, enact Right to Work, or roll-back government spying.

Sasse’s only accomplishment in Washington is going on TV and blasting Donald Trump.

Ben Sasse Introduces A Bill

Conservative critics ripped into Ben Sasse for never lifting a finger to fight for bills that would advance conservative causes.

Sasse tried to change that by introducing a new bill.

But the bill’s only purpose was to attack Trump.

Sasse went on CNN and said he was going to write a bill that required candidates to release their tax returns.

Trump did not release his tax returns in 2016.

The media howled in protest.

They wanted a chance to dig through Trump’s finances and see if there was any damaging information.

Journalists believe Trump hid evidence of Russian collusion in his tax returns.

Candidates only started releasing their tax returns in 1968.

This is not a longstanding American tradition.

But Sasse used this bill as a chance to score cheap points against Trump.

Sasse Goes On CNN

Sasse also used CNN to launch his attack on Trump.

He began by describing his legislation.

“I would say that, you know, in five different bills I’m going to introduce tomorrow, and I think a lot of them are going to make everybody mad,” he began.

Sasse claimed both parties would be upset, stating, “There are going to be a lot of oxes gored here because frankly, every election cycle, people talk a lot about draining the swamp, and nobody ever does it.”

He continued, “It’s a campaign issue and governance issue and nobody is making progress and the American people have more and more distrust of this city.”

Sasse said, “I think there are things about the tax returns provision that has been a norm of American politics for decades.”

He added, “It’s never been a law, but everybody has always done it.”

Sasse then attacked Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns.

He ranted that the American people did not care as much as Trump-hating Senators and journalists.

“This is the first time it hasn’t happened. The president said he would release them once he got the nomination and then once he got elected and then he said the people lost interest,” he whined.

“I think there is a lot of distrust. He should release them,” Sasse claimed.

This interview is why many Trump supporters do not like Ben Sasse.

He picked a pet issue of the media and went on the most anti-Trump network on TV to announce he was writing a bill to satisfy their Trump hatred.

We will keep you up to date on any breaking news in this ongoing story.