Anti-Trump RINOs in Congress have thrown up roadblocks to Donald Trump’s agenda.

These establishment Republicans thought they could escape scot free with their undercover sabotage.

But one secret meeting just spelled the end of their careers.

Nick Ayers – Vice President Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff – recently met with Republican donors and activists.

Rank-and-file Republicans are furious that the Republican Congress has failed to deliver on the agenda that won Donald Trump the election.

Establishment Republicans are dragging their feet on building the wall, have failed to repeal Obamacare, and have made no progress on cutting taxes.

But Ayers revealed a solution – simply purge the anti-Trump Republicans from Congress.

Politico reports:

“In remarks at a Republican National Committee event at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington on Tuesday morning, Nick Ayers also warned that Republicans are “on track to get shellacked” in next year’s midterm elections if GOP lawmakers don’t pass Trump’s legislative priorities.

But Ayers reserved his harshest criticism for congressional leaders and members who have not offered full-throated support for the president.

“Just imagine the possibilities of what can happen if our entire party unifies behind him? If — and this sounds crass — we can purge the handful of people who continue to work to defeat him,” Ayers said, according to an audio recording of the remarks obtained by POLITICO.

One attendee later asked how the donors could “rally the congressional delegation that does support the president and vice president, and rally them and push them to change the current leadership in both the Senate and the House.”

“I’m not speaking on behalf of the president or vice president when I say this,” Ayers responded. “But if I were you, I would not only stop donating, I would form a coalition of all the other major donors, and just say two things. We’re definitely not giving to you, No. 1. And No. 2, if you don’t have this done by Dec. 31, we’re going out, we’re recruiting opponents, we’re maxing out to their campaigns, and we’re funding super PACs to defeat all of you.”

There is evidence donors are taking this advice to heart.

The National Senatorial Republican Committee – which is supporting anti-Trump RINOs Jeff Flake and Dean Heller over pro-Trump primary challengers – has seen their contributions tumble.

Politico also reports:

“The backlash is threatening to deprive Republicans of resources just as they’re gearing up for the 2018 midterms. Party officials are so alarmed that North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, who oversees fundraising for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told his colleagues at a recent conference meeting that donations had fallen off a cliff after the Obamacare flop. The committee’s haul plummeted to just $2 million in July and August, less than half of what it raised in June.

“When you’re in a business and you tell your stakeholders you’re going to build a building or something, you have to follow through,” said Houston-based energy executive Dan Eberhart. “I can’t borrow money to build a building and then not follow through, which is what these guys are doing.” He said he’s spoken to four Republican senators over the past month to express his displeasure, mostly over the party’s failure to repeal Obamacare.”

Establishment Republicans like Flake and Heller are counting on their big money pals to buy their elections.

They have no grassroots support so their only chance is to plaster the airwaves with expensive ads and bombard voters with slick mailers to cover up their anti-Trump records.

Polls show both Flake and Heller trailing their challengers, and without a big money bailout from establishment groups, they are doomed.

Republican voters are fired up over the GOP’s failure to support Trump and it looks like a purge of anti-Trump RINOs is the first stage.

We will keep you up to date on this story.