Athletes protesting the national anthem have taken their demonstrations to another level.

Two college basketball teams recently decided to protest America in a horrible way.

And they embraced a racist agenda that sent a sick message to the rest of the country.

Duke and Michigan State faced off in the Champions Classic in a number one versus number two matchup.

It was a highlight to the start of the college basketball season.

But during the anthem, each school’s players wore a t-shirt that was a nod to Colin Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter message that America is an unjust and racist country.

While the players did stand with their hands over their hearts for the anthem, it did not escape unnoticed that they were wearing t-shirts that promoted left-wing social justice messages and depicted America under Donald Trump as a mean, racist, and unfair country.

National anthem protests have already destroyed the NFL’s image and TV fan base.

So Michigan State and Duke were sensitive to allowing their players to protest without permitting the in-your-face demonstrations that have wrecked havoc on the NFL and polarized America.

But in doing so, they did promote an image of America that is inspired by the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement.

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