New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just opened a can of worms that spells bad news for the Democrats.

Cuomo created an opening for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

And now Andrew Cuomo instantly regretted the big scandal he just created for Democrats.

No elected official in America mishandled the coronavirus crisis in a more tragically catastrophic fashion than Cuomo.

Cuomo signed an order mandating nursing homes take in coronavirus patients.

With this one decision, Governor Cuomo signed a death warrant for over 5,300 New Yorkers living in nursing homes.

Cuomo also put the lives of New York City residents at risk by twiddling his thumbs for six weeks before ordering the subways to stop running at night so crews could disinfect one of the biggest vectors of coronavirus spread.

As Cuomo’s missteps and failures piled up, Cuomo committed another self-inflicted wound that is sure to haunt Democrats in 2020.

During one of his daily press conferences, Cuomo repeatedly referred to the coronavirus as the “European virus,” baselessly claiming that COVID-19 originated in Italy instead of China.

“We were really at a very, very bad place. Again, through no fault of our own. Virus came from Europe. Whoever would have figured that? Somebody should have, but above my pay grade,” Cuomo claimed.

“If you had said, when we started this, ‘Yes, we had more cases than anyone else. Yes, we had this European virus attack us and nobody expected it. But we’re not only going to change our trajectory. We’re going to change the trajectory more dramatically than any place else in the nation,’” Cuomo continued. “People would have said it was impossible, but we did it. But we have to stay smart.”

The coronavirus clearly originated in China.

This is a universal truth and an accepted fact.

But Governor Cuomo – in trying to virtue signal – falsely claimed that the coronavirus that seeded itself in New York originated in Europe.

It is true that the original patients that carried the virus into New York came from Europe, and more specifically Italy, but the virus entered into Italy from China.

Donald Trump is already hammering Joe Biden for his 50-year career of appeasing the Communist Chinese government.

Biden supported granting China most-favored-nation status for trade which ended up shipping five million manufacturing jobs from America to China.

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Because of all this outsourcing, America was at the mercy of supply chains linked to China for vital Personal Protective Equipment when the coronavirus outbreak hit.

The American people could decide the November election in large part based on which candidate they believe is best suited to lead America out of the pandemic.

In large part, that will involve holding China accountable.

The more prominent Democrats like Andrew Cuomo cover up for China by making outrageous claims like it was a “European virus” that caused the calamity in New York, the harder it will make it for the American people to trust that Joe Biden can stand up to China and hold the Communist Party to account for causing this global catastrophe.

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