Americans demanded Washington stop the migrant caravan invasion.

Now their worst fears are being realized.

They just got the bad news about the caravan they never wanted to hear.

A Second Migrant Caravan Enters Mexico

A second migrant caravan is snaking its way through Central America and into Mexico.

Hundreds of Central American migrants are following in the footsteps of the thousands of migrants currently trying to invade America.

Trump and his supporters have always claimed that allowing the first caravan to enter America will inspire even more invasion attempts.

Central American countries failed to stop the first caravan.

And now the second caravan is proving Trump’s fears correct.

The migrants flowed into Mexico despite a police presence meant to stop them.

They ignored law enforcement and continued their march toward America.

Many Americans believe these migrants are not legitimate asylum seekers.

They contend they are economic migrants looking to take jobs and depress wages for American citizens.

Trump supporters also note violent criminals and gang members use these caravans to slip into the country.

President Trump hinted at that in an interview with Laura Ingraham.

“When you look at that caravan and you look, largely, very, you know, big percentage of men, young, strong, a lot of bad people, a lot of bad people in there. People that are in gangs,” Trump declared. “We don’t want them in this country.”

Donald Trump Tells The Caravan This Time It’s Different

In an interview on Fox News, Trump sent a strong message to the caravan.

He warned them that they will not be housed in structures and released into America.

“We’re going to put tents up all over the place,” he said. “We’re not going to build structures and spend … hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re going to have tents, they’re going to be very nice and they’re going to wait and if they don’t get asylum, they get out.”

He also said they would end the policy of catch and release.

When an illegal alien is caught sneaking into the country, they are given a court date for a deportation hearing.

Then they are released into the country on the hope they show up for their hearing.

Few illegal aliens actually show up.

“When they are captured, we don’t let them out,” Trump stated. “We’re not letting them out … We’re not catching, we’re not releasing … We’re not letting them into this country.”

Trump delivered the message Americans wanted to hear.

If you incentivize illegal immigration, you’ll only get more illegal immigration.

Many Americans demand a tough line on illegal immigration to deter future waves of illegal border crossings.

That’s why the caravan is a test.

Vice President Mike Pence said the President of Honduras told him leftist groups in Venezuela organized the caravan to check Trump’s commitment to border security.

If he failed this test, these groups would organize more caravans.

So it’s very important that Trump nip this in the bud by refusing the caravan entry into the United States.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.