As Donald Trump gears up for his re-election campaign, the Deep State is intensifying their efforts to destroy him.

Rogue agents within the government turned the Department of Justice into a wrecking ball against the Trump Presidency.

And now all hell is breaking loose because Trump just found out how the Deep State plans to remove him from office.

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are taking a page out of Joseph Stalin’s playbook.

They are investigating every aspect of Donald Trump’s life in the hopes of finding a crime. And if they don’t discover anything, they’ll just fabricate charges like they did with Michael Cohen and his campaign finance law “violations.”

What separates America from Soviet-style dictatorships and third world banana republics is that investigations only take place after someone has been accused of a crime.

But that is no longer the case in America.

Anti-Trump prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are now probing into how Trump’s inaugural committee spent its money and whether any foreign money unduly influenced administration policy.

Prosecutors began their investigation back in April when the FBI raided Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s home and office and seized an audio recording.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the recording contained a conversation where a key Melania Trump advisor complained about how the inaugural committee was spending money.

The Trump committee had raised a record $107 million – making them a ripe target for Deep State prosecutors looking to investigate Trump.

There is no evidence that longtime Trump associate Tom Barrack, who headed the inaugural committee, nor that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff – an unpaid advisor to Melania Trump and who also runs an event production firm called WIS Partners, which was the committee’s largest vendor – are under investigation.

Complaints from event organizers and vendors about how money is being spent are common for a wedding let alone an event the size of a Presidential inauguration.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Deep State prosecutors are harassing Tennessee developer Franklin L. Haney for documents over a one million dollar donation he made to the inaugural committee.

Haney later hired Michael Cohen to help him lobby for a $5 billion Department of Energy loan to build a nuclear power plant.

This is standard Washington lobbying.

It’s how the game is played.

Even fake news CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressed Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell about whether this was just business as usual in the Capitol.

“What if these inaugural donations were from donors who wanted access? Doesn’t that happen all the in politics all the time?” Cooper asked.

But once again, it just another example of federal prosecutors criminalizing normal behavior because it allows them to put the squeeze on Donald Trump and his associates.

Critics are outraged.

This is a case straight out of the Stalin era of “show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

What the communists meant by that was they could eventually conjure up a crime to charge anyone with.

No President has ever been harassed like this before.

Not Richard Nixon. Not Bill Clinton. Not anyone.

But Donald Trump is different.

He ran—and won—as an outsider.

And the Washington swamp wants to send a message to any future ‘Donald Trumps—that if you take on the system, we will destroy not only your life, but the lives of your friends and family members as well.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.