The Democrat primary for President is turning into one of the bloodiest affairs in American history.

With over 20 candidates in the field struggling to break out and make a name for themselves, one top Trump challenger is in serious trouble.

And all hell broke loose when they got ahold of these poll numbers.

The fight for the Democrat nomination is still anyone’s race.

With roughly 25 candidates seeking to go up against President Donald Trump in 2020, no single candidate has a commanding lead in the early primary states which are set to determine who gets the Democrat nomination.

While former Vice President Joe Biden maintains a slight lead in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, his position at the top remains tenuous at best, suffering from multiple gaffes and two poor debate performances.

But for all of Biden’s troubles, other top Trump challengers have far more difficult hurdles to overcome if they hope to emerge as the party’s nominee.

And one new poll shows just how bad it is for three of them in particular.

A brand new Suffolk/Boston Globe poll of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters shows that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris each have reasons to panic.

With just six months to go before the first primary states cast their ballots, the entire field of candidates – aside from Biden – trails “undecided” in the critical early state of New Hampshire.

Biden is polling at 21.4% according to the new Suffolk/Boston Globe poll, while Bernie Sanders is in second place at 16.8%.

Sanders is followed by Elizabeth Warren at 13.6% and Kamala Harris at a mere 8%, to round out the top four candidates in the field.

However, Sanders, Warren, and Harris each trail “undecided,” which beats out all of them with 20.8% of the vote.

If primary day was today, Joe Biden would emerge as the narrow victor, with “undecided” defeating the rest of the Democratic field in New Hampshire.

That’s a serious blow to several campaigns which have tried in vain to catch fire over the past month.

And with former Vice President Joe Biden suffering one of his worst debate performances of all time last month, time seems to be running out to turn things around.

With many candidates having been in the race for months, none of them except for Biden can overcome “undecided” in one of the most important primary states in the country.

Even so, several of the top Democrat candidates will likely drop out after the first few states have voted, including New Hampshire.

Which means there is still time for others to build their campaigns up to compete with Biden.

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