It was only a matter of time before the FBI inserted itself into the Chinese coronavirus outbreak story.

What they had to say was bad news for all Americans.

And all hell broke loose when the FBI made a shocking coronavirus announcement.

As the Chinese coronavirus spreads across America, state governments across the country are shutting down certain functions to keep employees at home as part of social distancing measures.

Americans across the country are being forced indoors as state governments impose social distancing measures – and in more extreme cases, lockdowns that close all nonessential businesses and urge citizens to stay indoors.

Some big city police departments like in Philadelphia are no longer arresting violent criminals for serious offenses like burglary or car theft.

The American people realized that in some cases they can no longer count on the government to provide for public safety.

This led to a massive surge in Americans purchasing firearms as Americans realized gun control only put them in danger.

The website reported a 277% increase in transactions between February 23 and March 15.

But state government shutdowns interfered with Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights.

The FBI reported that the state government shutdowns delayed the gun database scheme – the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) – from processing requests from federally licensed firearms dealers when they conducted a sale.

Under this gun control scheme, NICS is supposed to either approve, reject or delay the sale on the spot.

When a delay occurs, the government is supposed to resolve the dispute within three days.

Due to the Chinese coronavirus-induced delay, this is no longer possible.

The FBI wrote:

Should a state choose to limit their days of operation or close state offices, this could potentially impact the Brady Transfer Date (BTD) by changing the time in which an FFL can legally transfer a firearm in a delayed status. The NICS Section urges FFLs to be cognizant of the impact this may have to your day-to-day operations, and also to stress the importance of adhering to the BTD that is provided to you at the time a transaction is put into a Delay status. The Brady Act does not federally prohibit an FFL from transferring a firearm after the third business day expires, even if the NICS Section has been unable to provide a proceed response, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 922(t)(1).

Americans are understandably nervous about this pandemic.

The virus threatens some of society’s most vulnerable such as senior citizens with pre-existing health conditions.

In uncertain times, Americans are a people that know they can best look out for their families’ safety by exercising their God-given Second Amendment rights.

But now the state government shutdowns and gun control schemes put in place by past Congresses and Presidents are getting in the way of that essential American exercise of freedom.

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