Democrats and the media were counting on special counsel Robert Mueller delivering the goods on Donald Trump.

Mueller’s findings were the key to the silent coup succeeding in removing the President.

Now all hell is breaking loose because Mueller is on the verge of this massive defeat.

Mueller hoped to lure the President into a wide ranging interview where the special counsel could conduct a fishing expedition.

The special counsel and his team were hoping to catch the President in a perjury trap.

But the President and his lawyers held firm and now reports indicate that Mueller has walked back from his demands.

Rudy Giuliani – who is acting as one of Trump’s attorney’s – stated that Mueller agreed to restrict the scope of his questioning to two or three hours instead of the 12-hour marathon session that was originally floated.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Giuliani told The Washington Times that Mr. Mueller’s team displayed a good-faith effort during a Wednesday meeting that might result in an interview in July and a final Mueller report by Labor Day.

“He’s eliminated a lot of subjects that would have indicated he was fishing,” Mr. Giuliani told The Times on Thursday. “He’s eliminated those, and he’s into a much more relevant area where we know the answers and we know the answers really can’t be effectively contradicted.”

He declined to specify what topics have been dropped.

He has contended from the start that there is no evidence of Trump collusion in Russian election interference. The other two major topics: whether the president somehow obstructed justice in the firing of Mr. Comey, a Mueller friend, and whether he might commit perjury in answering questions under oath.

Mueller’s admission led many to realize that the special counsel has found no evidence of collusion or obstruction on the part of the President.

South Dakota Senator John Thune told Fox News he expects Mueller to find no impeachable offenses.

Breitbart reports:

“Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now.” Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said he express his doubt that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe would conclude with a report to Congress detailing impeachable offenses.

Thune said, “The American people at some point are going to tire of this, and many of them have already put it in their rearview mirrors.”

When asked if he believed there will be an impeachment referral to Congress, Thune added, “I would highly doubt that would be the case. I think it’s in the president’s best interest and the American people’s best interest that the facts and the truth get out there. That the conclusions be reached. They’ve investigated everything and interviewed everybody and have had months and months of this now to do this and I think it’s time for them to begin to start winding this down. I hope that happens sooner rather than later, because I don’t think it’s in anybody’s best interest to drag these sorts of things out forever and for them to become an unending sort of campaign.”

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