Chuck Schumer and the Democrats waged total war over Donald Trump’s last Supreme Court nominee.

But as bloody as the fight was to confirm Brett Kavanaugh that looks like child’s play compared to what is to come.

And now all hell is breaking loose after this Supreme Court Justice discussed their retirement plans.

Rumors have circulated for months that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas could retire at any moment.

Thomas is the court’s longest serving justice having been confirmed in 1991 after the Democrats tried to use hoax allegations of sexual harassment to destroy his nomination.

Some Supreme Court watchers – as well as Washington insiders – predicted Thomas would retire ahead of the 2020 election.

That would allow President Trump to replace him with a much younger conservative and eliminate the chance Thomas would be replaced by a possible Democrat successor.

If a Democrat defeats Trump or wins in 2024, that would give Democrats until 2032 to replace Thomas and swing the court permanently to the left.

Thomas took these rumors head on during a talk with David Rubenstein at the Supreme Court Historical Society.

Thomas scoffed at the notion he would retire.

“I have no idea where this stuff comes from,” Thomas told Rubenstein . “I think one of the things you have to get used to in this business is that people can say things about you and for you that have nothing to do with you.”

But Thomas did acknowledge the rumors were out there.

Thomas told a story about how his wife – conservative activist Ginni Thomas – received an alert on her phone that Thomas was about to retire.

“Wow, glad to know that,” Thomas joked. “You have to know everyday what’s on your schedule.”

Democrats find themselves in a similar situation now.

Some liberal activists wanted Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire after Obama won and she battled her first bout with cancer.

Ginsburg brushed those activists off and remained on the bench.

But last year doctors removed cancerous tumors from her lungs and liberals feared poor health could force her to step down from the bench.

That would allow President Trump to replace her with a conservative and tip the court to a 6-3 conservative majority.

Republicans do no want to end up in this predicament.

But Thomas is not facing any of the health issues Ginsburg is.

In fact, during an event at Pepperdine Law School Thomas claimed he wanted to serve another 20 or 30 years on the Supreme Court.

That would be a dream for conservatives.

Many Americans believe Thomas ruled as the most consistently conservative justice in the nation’s history.

No conservative is eager to see Justice Thomas step down.

After his opinions in a pair of abortion cases involving Indiana laws, it became clear that Thomas wants to stay on the bench as long as possible in order to see Roe v. Wade finally overturned.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.