Nancy Pelosi just made the biggest mistake of her life.

She humiliated herself in front of the entire country in the process.

And it was all because she introduced this resolution against Trump that instantly blew up in her face.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just committed the biggest political screw up in American history.

She broke the House rules while speaking on the floor of the very legislative body she serves as Speaker of.

And it was all over a meaningless resolution against Trump that Pelosi introduced to Congress this week.

But when she dropped the bill in the House, all hell broke loose.

Pelosi then proceeded to make one massive mistake after another, and it ended with her humiliating herself on the floor of the House of Representatives as her comments were ruled out of order by her own party members.

Fox News reports, “Escalating tensions on Capitol Hill erupted into a floor fight in the House of Representatives on Tuesday afternoon, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke in favor of a resolution condemning ‘racist’ comments by President Trump — and Pelosi’s words were eventually ruled out of order, as House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Democrat, announced the decision from the House parliamentarian.”

This is the first time in living memory that a House Speaker was ruled out of order for breaking the House’s rules about speaking on the floor.

Personal attacks against members of Congress or the President are not allowed.

And yet Pelosi called the President of the United States a racist on the floor of the House of Representatives.

That’s when everything caught fire as chaos reigned in the chamber.

“The words used by the gentlewoman from California contained an accusation of racist behavior on the part of the President,” Hoyer said in response to Pelosi’s charges against Trump. “The words should not be used in debate.”

The move temporarily banned Pelosi from speaking on the very floor of the chamber she oversees as House Speaker.

However, Democrats then locked arms and voted not to remove Pelosi’s comments from the record of the House proceedings for the day, and then immediately voted to allow her to continue speaking once again.

“The dramatic episode began when Pelosi’s prepared remarks condemning Trump turned personal, and Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins rose to challenge her and demand that her words be ‘taken down.’ The extraordinary rebuke was the first of its kind involving a member of Congress and a speaker of the House in decades,” adds Fox News.

This all happened because Pelosi decided to bring up a bogus resolution to condemn President Trump’s tweets, where he slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three other radical members of her party in Congress by stating that if they hate America so much they are more than welcome to leave the country.

Pelosi and the Democratic Party determined that was racist and decided to make political hay out of it all.

But the move promptly blew up in her face as soon as she brought the resolution to the floor.

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