The New York Times crossed the line.

They ran an op-ed by a Deep State agent claiming he was in on a plan to overthrow Donald Trump.

Now all hell is breaking loose because no one can believe what happened next.

Deep State Announces Plan To Overthrow Trump

A Deep State agent published a New York Times op-ed revealing a plot to overthrow President Trump.

The author refused to give their name.

In the piece, the Deep State actor claimed there were many Trump aides secretly working to stop the President’s agenda.

The author also claimed that Trump is crazy.

He even said the cabinet talked about removing him from office.

For months, Trump said there was a Deep State out to get him.

The media yelled he was insane.

They also said he was insane for saying Obama had spied on him.

The media claimed he was spreading a conspiracy theory.

But Americans soon learned that Trump was correct.

Obama had used wiretaps and spies as part of a covert operation against Trump.

And now once again, the media has turned out to be the liars.

Trump was telling the truth.

This Deep State agent used the New York Times to confirm Trump’s worst fears.

Donald Trump Fires Back

Trump responded to the op-ed during an event honoring local sheriffs.

He said, “Some day when I am not President…the New York Times, CNN and all of these phony media outlets will be out of business.”

Trump then listed several of his accomplishments and pointed out that the economy is booming.

Trump also shot back at the Times and the author in a series of tweets:

The Deep State Plot to Overthrow Trump

Trump supporters knew this would not be easy.

The swamp never wanted Trump to win in the first place.

In fact, after he won, the media and many in the establishment refused to accept his victory.

The Deep State began fighting back on day one.

First they used the Russia hoax to try and destroy Trump.

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That flamed out.

Now they’ve moved on to open rebellion.

Their goal is to impeach Trump.

The author of the piece wants Democrats win in November so they can take over the House.

Then they can use the op-ed as the basis to remove the President.

Americans have never seen this before.

Forces inside the government are conspiring against the President.

Some Trump supporters agree with the President that this is treason.

After all, nobody elected the Deep State agents to make policy.

American put Trump in the White House because they agreed with his agenda.

Now they want Trump to find out who wrote this op-ed and fire them—and all their Deep State allies.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.