It started with telephoned threats to kill the family of Republicans.

It then devolved into a Republican Congressman being grabbed by the throat at a town hall meeting.

Just a day later, a Republican Congressman was run off the road by a psychotic liberal.

Now it’s turned to liberal activists trying to gun down Republicans.

If you think those are isolated incidents, you’re not paying attention.

Here are the three other times in the last few weeks the “Resist” movement has embraced domestic terrorism — and where the violence goes from here.

Wednesday’s shooting of Louisiana Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was not an isolated incident.

It was the next step in an escalating war of violence by the political left, much like how the movement embraced assassinations and domestic terrorism in the 1960s and 1970s.

The first sign Republican members of Congress would be targeted for violence came in the form of telephoned death threats.

Congressional Republicans receive death threats on an almost-weekly basis.

What made these threats different was they explicitly promised violence against members’ wives and children.

“This is how we’re going to kill your wife,” the voice on the other end of the phone told Virginia Republican Congressman Tom Garrett.

The threats were made repeatedly, and vowed to kill Garrett’s wife, children and even his dog.

“I don’t want to die anytime soon. I got stuff left to do, I hope. But when you pull wives and children in, that’s not cool,” Garrett told Politico. “I served in the military. I reconciled myself with the reality that one day I’m not going to be here.”

The danger was so great, his May town hall event was surrounded by armed police officers.  Republican leaders suggested members get security, a recommendation that was mocked by the mainstream media.

The extent of the threat grew even more clear several days later, when North Dakota Republican Kevin Cramer was grabbed around the throat by a deranged liberal at a town hall in Mandan, near the site of violent anti-pipeline protests by environmentalists who threw incendiary bombs at police.

The media once again mocked Republican expressions of concern about the escalating violence.

Liberal violence grew more psychotic just 24 hours later, when Tennessee Republican Congressman David Kustoff was assaulted by a crazed leftist as he left a town hall meeting.

Local Democrat Wendi Wright waited outside the event in Martin in her vehicle.

When she saw Kustoff and a staffer leave, she chased them down the road in her car, screaming threats.

When Kustoff pulled into a driveway to call 911, Wright blocked in his vehicle with hers, exited her car and tried to grab Kustoff and pull him out the car window.

Unable to pull him from the vehicle, she beat on the windshield while screaming.

When she realized police had been called, she fled the scene and bragged about her attack on social media.

She now faces charges of assault.

Liberals across the country hailed her as a “hero” and raised money for her legal defense.

Just weeks later, another liberal opened fire on Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, with the intent of assassinating as many as possible.

The bloody assault was met with praise by many online liberals, who use Fake News to radicalize militants.

In fact, since 2016 there have been at least 31 attempted murders of, or violent mob attacks on, Trump supporters by the “tolerant” left.

Wednesday’s shooting was just the next step in an escalating war of domestic terrorism.

It won’t be the last.