Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a magnet for scandal and controversy.

But Ocasio-Cortez may have just found a new low.

That’s because she made one phone call that just convicted her of one terrible offense.

Ocasio-Cortez puts her support for Venezuelan-style socialism front and center.

She favors a 70 percent wealth tax and a Soviet-style government takeover of the economy with her “Green New Deal.”

Ocasio-Cortez is always looking for ways to bolster her profile, and a twitter exchange with Britain’s Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was her latest attempt to increase the heft behind her ideas.

Corbyn tweeted, “Great to speak to @AOC on the phone this evening and hear first-hand how she’s challenging the status quo. Let’s build a movement across borders to take on the billionaires, polluters and migrant baiters, and support a happier, freer and cleaner planet.”

Ocasio-Cortez responded to his tweet, writing, “It was an honor to share such a lovely and wide-reaching conversation with you, @jeremycorbyn! Also honored to share a great hope in the peace, prosperity, + justice that everyday people can create when we uplift one another across class, race, + identity both at home & abroad.”

But there is a dark side to this conversation.

Corbyn’s reputation is in the gutter among many circles because of his anti-Semitism.

Corbyn has attended “Deir Yassin Remembered” events, which was founded by a known Holocaust denier that marks the remembrance of alleged Israeli massacres on Palestinians in 1948.

And in 2013, Corbyn defended the United Kingdom’s Palestinian Ambassador, who had made an anti-Semitic attack on Israeli Jews, claiming that “Zionists” smeared the Ambassador.

Ocasio-Cortez’s phone call with a known anti-Semite comes at a time when Democrats are already grappling with the rising hatred of Jews in the Democrat Party.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has seen her old, anti-Semitic tweets cloud her opening month in Congress with scandal.

Omar’s explanations for the tweets – as well as her subsequent comments – did nothing to dispel the notion that she is prejudiced against Jews.

Another freshman Democrat – Rashida Tlaib – is also fending off accusations of anti-Semitism.

One of her biggest fundraisers, Maher Abdel-qader, is known for spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Facebook.

On top of that, Tlaib posed for a picture with Palestinian activist Abbas Hamideh, an avowed supporter of Hezbollah.

Democrats have a serious – and growing – anti-Semitism problem on their hands.

But Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar are all considered rock stars in today’s Democrat Party.

Even the Anti-Defamation League was silent on Tlaib’s actions.

Party leaders tiptoe around policing the behavior of Ocasio- Cortez and Omar because of their large social media following and passionate supporters.

These freshmen Democrats are defining the Party for better or worse.

But their embrace of anti-Semitic figures is one of the biggest – and one of the most damaging – brands they are putting on the Democrat Party.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.