Al SharptonMost conservatives are already aware Al Sharpton is nothing more a sheep in wolves clothing. Masquerading as a social progressive, Sharpton is nothing more than a greedy fat cat who uses his celebrity for personal gain.

Almost anytime there’s a violent crime where a black man or woman is a victim, Sharpton is soon to appear. His mouth running a million miles a minute as he begs people to open up their pocketbooks to help fight the injustice.

Many times he’s asking for direct donations to his various non-profits, most of which are presently being investigated by the IRS.

He believes the black community is indebted to him, because as he sees it, he’s one of their only true champions.

Turns out many in the black community are fed up with his predatory and conniving ways.

Only recently Al Sharpton showed up in Hartford, Connecticut. Five blacks had been murdered, four of them shot to death. And Sharpton was there to bang the drum, letting those in attendance know how much he cared and how much he needed their money to bring about change.

“I want to be here to see a memorial for the young people that have died,” said Sharpton at Shiloh Baptist Church, according to CT News Junkie. “I want the names and their stories up so children can see they don’t want to be on that wall.”

To accomplish these desires Sharpton solicited a $100 donation from pastors in attendance. The donation would of course be going directly in the National Action Network’s (NAN) coffers (the NAN is one of Sharpton’s civil rights non-profits).

One of the pastors in attendance decided enough was enough. And in front of everyone in attendance he issued a verbal tongue lashing to Sharpton.

Breitbart news gives us the details on what transpired.

Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis of Christ the Cornerstone Praise and Western Tabernacle, however, shouted at Sharpton as he strode down the center aisle of the crowded church, “How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money! You’re nothing but a pimp!”

Jarvis slammed Sharpton for using the supposed anti-violence rally as a cover for “coming into a community where people are struggling for jobs, struggling for money, and demanding money to speak.”

“Don’t you come up in here asking us for money,” Jarvis yelled, according to Fox CT.

Jarvis was about to be escorted out of the church, but he instead remained in the rear. Sharpton responded to his challenge by removing $1,000 in cash from his suit pocket.

“Everything that you all raise will go to a memorial,” he said. “[F]or the lives that could have gone on to cure cancer. Lives that could have been the next President of the United States.”

It’s unknown if the funds were originally intended to go to a memorial or not.

What we do know is Sharpton’s history is checkered and spotty. His talent for transparent money management is one of the worst in the country.

We know beyond the shadow of a doubt Al Sharpton doesn’t care about the plight of regular folk in America, black or white.

Instead he feeds off of tragedy and uses it to advance his own political and financial agenda.

It’s about time those he claims to represent would speak out against him.

Perhaps more blacks in America will pick up the mantle and use their voices to speak out agains this man and his double-mindedness.

Americans of every color deserve it.