Former Vice President Al Gore was just caught manipulating the truth about a recent

break in the Larsen C ice shelf.

Gore claimed on Twitter that the recent creation of a new iceberg was the direct result of the “global warming crisis.”

Yet experts just proved he flat-out lied.

Gore frequently posts his rhetoric about climate change on social media and in the political arena.

Of course, Gore automatically assumed the break in the ice was caused by some global warming crisis — yet experts just proved that the shift in ice occurred as a result of totally natural processes.

The Daily Caller reports:

A Delaware-sized iceberg broke away from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf sometime between Monday and Wednesday. Scientists tracking the ice rift said they were “not aware of any link to human-induced climate change” in the Larsen C ice shelf’s breakup.

Scientists expect the Larsen ice sheet to continue to grow in the future. MIDAS project researchers did say the calving left “the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula changed forever” and new ice added to the sheet could be “potentially less stable than it was prior to the rift.”

“Although the remaining ice shelf will continue naturally to regrow, Swansea researchers have previously shown that the new configuration is potentially less stable than it was prior to the rift,” according to the MIDAS project.

Gore also incorrectly stated that the entire shelf had broken away, when in fact only a portion of the large cap had floated off.

He also claimed that the event was a sudden disaster as a result of global warming, when in reality scientists had been monitoring the crack for years and waiting for it to break off.

The Daily Caller continued:

Gore also incorrectly stated the whole Larsen C ice shelf had broken away. In reality, the iceberg breaking off only reduced the size of the ice sheet by about 12 percent, according to the MIDAS project.

The iceberg that broke away was more than 2,200 square miles — about the size of Delaware. That’s only a fraction of the Larsen C ice shelf’s 17,100-square-mile total area.

MIDAS scientists started monitoring a crack in the Larsen C ice shelf in 2014. The crack grew rapidly in the past year, finally breaking away sometime in the past three days. It’s not expected to immediately add to global sea level rise.

Al Gore is just another corrupt politician who manipulates facts in the hopes it will gain him political favor.

His original statement was quickly exposed as false by professionals, proving that Gore has no backing for his claims about a global crisis.

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