Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.42.48 PMThe liberal media is the paragon of hypocrisy.

While they’ve deferred to rioters moving past peaceful assembly in Baltimore into full blown rioting (over the death of a known criminal no less), they’re deriding patriots here at home for exercising the first amendment.

Here’s the story.

Pam Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative,  decided to exercise her first amendment rights and hold a free speech rally where cartoonists could draw a picture of Mohammed for a chance to win a prize.

Rather than be intimidated by Muslims who say they’ll attack anyone who draws the prophet Mohammed, she decided  $10,000 would be awarded for the best drawing of Mohammed.

Now of course this was an inflammatory act, but that doesn’t meant it’s not protected by our constitution.

In fact, it’s the very thing the authors of our constitution had in mind when they penned it two and a half centuries ago.

After seeing what happened to the employees of Charlies Hebdo in France, Geller knew what was at stake.

But she pushed forward anyways, because free speech is worth it.

What happened next is horrific.

Two armed men took to the streets of Garland, Texas and tried to make good on the threats of Jihadis everywhere. They went out seeking blood because people would defile their prophet.

Now these men were quickly dispatched by a Texas police officer, s that’s the good news.

The bad new is after the whole thing was over liberals decided what Geller and her friends did was wrong. They claimed her actions shouldn’t be allowed and that Muslims should be allowed to live in a country where their wishes are respected.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota invited Geller onto her talk show and a heated exchange quickly followed.

Camerota argued Geller wasn’t exercising her free speech, she was acting out of line and intentionally inciting the extremists.

She went on to say that the kinds of things Geller was doing should not be allowed…at all!

During the show Camerota cited critics who have said that there’s a “fine line between freedom of speech and being intentionally incendiary and provocative”

Geller said Camerota was wrong and that “we must stand up for free speech.”

Geller went on to say “Intentionally incendiary and provocative by drawing a cartoon? This is the low state of freedom of speech in this country,” she said. “I disagree and I disagree most vehemently.”

She’s absolutely correct.

If the incidents that played out in Garland Texas are any indication, we’ll have to do this kind of thing again and again. But Geller knows the value of free speech is worth far more than liberals will ever know.

Geller’s aware if we let them win on this issue it means they’ve got us backed into a corner. Soon we won’t even be allowed to say the name Jesus without fear of retaliation.

Men and women have fought and bled to make sure that right is something we can fully enjoy. Even if the things we say or hear aren’t in line with our (or others) beliefs.

Geller told Camerota what hapened is “… illustrative of the violent assault on freedom of speech,.”

You can watch the exchange right here.


Do you think Geller’s right, or is she just a nutcase herself?

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