Adam SchiffFor weeks, Adam Schiff has tirelessly worked to remove President Donald Trump from office.

After numerous testimonies from witnesses, the public impeachment hearings have concluded.

And Adam Schiff just revealed Trump’s fate in one impeachment bombshell.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been front and center of the recent public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump.

Schiff has worked alongside Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats to try and remove the President from office.

And after two weeks of hearings, it had seemed that they could not find any true evidence to bring Trump down.

But now, Adam Schiff just revealed President Trump’s fate in one impeachment bombshell.

In a recent interview with CNN, Schiff revealed that the case for impeachment was “ironclad.”

Via Fox News:

“This president has now twice sought foreign interference in our election… when [Trump] invited the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails and later that day they attempted to do exactly that. There is a sense of urgency when you have a president who’s threatening the integrity of our elections,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union”.

“We need to act now if we’re going to act, and we can’t allow this obstruction to succeed,” Schiff continued. “The other point I would make is, the case in terms of the Ukraine misconduct is ironclad, but so is the case of the president’s obstruction of the Congress.”

But despite Schiff’s so-called ironclad evidence, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman was unable to answer if Trump would be impeached or not.

This is because the left has no true evidence against the President.

Their entire impeachment trial was based solely on the word of one whistleblower, whose name and identity are still a mystery even to the FBI.

Schiff and Pelosi brought witness after witness forward and still, none could prove that President Trump was actually guilty of the crime they accused him of.

The left wants to go forward with impeachment proceedings based on the testimony that President Trump attempted to bribe newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into announcing a public investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter.

It was said that Trump threatened to withhold American aid to Ukraine until this investigation was announced.

But following the release of an official transcript of that call, it was revealed that President Trump did nothing more than congratulate the Ukrainian President on his appointment, and boasted about the progress the United States has made under his term.

There was no talk of extortion, or bribery, or even mention of the Bidens.

So far, no one who has testified against the President in the public impeachment hearings has come forth as a firsthand witness.

All have been secondary witnesses or have claimed to have heard the call down the line.

But mere hearsay is not enough evidence to impeach a current sitting president, and Adam Schiff knows that.

He is biding his time, looking for any other means to remove Donald Trump.