William Barr

Democrats are on the warpath.

Even though impeachment ended in humiliating defeat, Congressional Democrats have not ended their crusade to fabricate a scandal to force President Trump from office.

And now Adam Schiff just challenged William Barr. How it ends is bad news for Democrats.

Prosecutors – led by Robert Mueller goon squad member Aaron Zelinsky – recommended an outrageously harsh seven to nine-year prison sentence for Trump associate Roger Stone.

A jury convicted Stone of lying to Congress and witness intimidation, but given Stone’s offenses and lack of a prior criminal record, seven to nine years in jail landed on the extreme end of a possible jail sentence.

President Trump ripped the decision by revenge-minded Deep State prosecutors to throw the book at Stone.

The President wrote that “This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!”

The following day, the Justice Department rescinded the draconian sentencing recommendation stating that the prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Washington, D.C. never briefed department leadership.

The upside to this decision was all five Deep State prosecutors resigned from the case.

Trump supporters cheered Attorney General’s Barr reining in out of control prosecutors unfairly punishing Roger Stone to exact revenge on Donald Trump because the Mueller investigation failed to bring down the President.

Democrats of course put the most negative spin on these events to create another fake scandal that would lead to more investigations.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff showed no sign of shame for leading the failed impeachment witch hunt and immediately outrageously claimed Attorney General William Barr should exercise no authority over the prosecutors that work under him.

“Roger Stone lied to Congress and threatened a witness to cover up Trump campaign contacts with Wikileaks. He was found guilty on all charges. Barr overruling career prosecutors at Trump’s urging is a disgraceful attack on the rule of law. Has DOJ no independence left?” Schiff asked.

Schiff’s impeachment sidekick House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler also chimed in and falsely claimed that President Trump meddled in the decision to rescind Stone’s sentence recommendation.

“It appears that the President and the Attorney General have overruled career prosecutors in order to help Roger Stone, who lied under oath on the President’s behalf.” Nadler continued, “A President who intervenes in the criminal justice system to help his allies, while punishing people like Lt. Col. Vindman for telling the truth, represents a real danger and the Committee will get to the bottom of this.”

Even though Trump tweeted his displeasure with Stone’s sentence, a Justice Department spokesman went on the record saying the decision to withdraw the harsh punishment recommendation the night before, which was prior to the President’s tweet.

Schiff and Nadler clearly are unbowed by their humiliation during impeachment and are concocting another fake scandal to harass the President.

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