There was no bigger loser in the Democrat Party on impeachment than Adam Schiff.

Schiff immediately set out trying to restore his tattered reputation.

But things did not go according to plan because Adam Schiff found out one nasty surprise. This is why he will never recover.

Prior to Donald Trump becoming President, the House Intelligence Committee was a low-profile assignment for members of Congress that did not often attract the spotlight.

The committee was known for Republicans and Democrats working together to exercise oversight over the nation’s intelligence agencies.

That spirit of camaraderie and bipartisanship ended in 2017 when Adam Schiff – then the ranking member on the committee – smelled opportunity.

Schiff long sought after higher office – either Senator or Speaker of the House – and seized on the Russian collusion hoax to build his brand with the Democrats’ left-wing base.

From the earliest months of the Russian collusion investigation, Schiff began leaking and lying to burnish his reputation as the number one nemesis of Donald Trump in Congress.

MSNBC and CNN should have charged Schiff rent for how much time he spent in their green rooms and in studio since he practically lived at those fake news networks.

Since CNN and MSNBC hate President Trump, those fake news networks happily provided Schiff a platform to lie to the American people about having evidence of Russian collusion.

Schiff never produced this evidence because the anti-Trump hacks that host shows on CNN and MSNBC were in on the con and never once asked Schiff to provide proof the President was a traitor.

When impeachment started, Schiff assumed a leading role – first leading the impeachment inquiry in the Intelligence Committee and then acting as lead prosecutor for the House Managers in the Senate impeachment trial.

After that effort ended in humiliating defeat, Schiff tried to undo the political damage done to Democrats by trying to show Democrats could get back to normal business and work with Republicans in the manner the American people expect.

To that end, Schiff announced the House Intelligence Committee would hold a hearing on emerging technology and national security.

But Republicans were not about to let Schiff off the hook after Schiff spent three years trying to tear the country apart with his lies about the President that Schiff intended to use as a springboard to higher office.

Led by House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, all nine Republicans on the committee signed a letter to Schiff announcing their intention to boycott Schiff’s sham hearing.

“Given the committee’s access to highly sensitive information, it is concerning that you prioritize publicity events rather than the more productive work that occurs in the committee’s classified spaces,” Nunes’ letter declared.

The damage Schiff did to the Intelligence Committee is incalculable.

That committee has jurisdiction over the intelligence agencies and their surveillance state apparatus.

In the Russia investigation the FBI weaponized the government’s spying capabilities to try and frame Donald Trump for acting as a secret Russian traitor.

Congress needs to crack down on the Deep State’s ability to spy on Americans, but because Schiff embraced the Russian collusion conspiracy theory defending the FBI, the illegal covert spying operation on the Trump campaign became a partisan hill to die on for Democrats.

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