Adam SchiffAdam Schiff’s world is crumbling before his very eyes.

Just two weeks ago, Schiff sat on top of the political world as the fake news media claimed Schiff amassed an “airtight” case to remove Donald Trump from office.

But Schiff’s fortunes took a sharp turn for the worse as Schiff reacted in disbelief as this top Democrat betrayed him on impeachment.

When Nancy Pelosi announced Democrats were opening an impeachment inquiry in September, the polls showed a surge in support for impeachment.

That increase mainly came from Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents supporting impeachment now that it was an official party position.

Democrats – however – bought into the fake news media narrative that Republicans were wavering on Donald Trump, and the manufactured “scandal” over withholding military aid to Ukraine could be the straw that broke the camel’s back on President Trump’s firewall of GOP support.

The first clue Democrats made a giant miscalculation was when Nancy Pelosi put a resolution on the floor to outline the procedures for the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

Not one single Republican voted for the partisan sham resolution that denied Donald Trump due process and granted Adam Schiff unlimited power to run the proceedings with an iron fist.

As Schiff’s Stalinist show trial hearings dragged on, it became clear Republicans’ opposition only hardened as the alleged “witnesses” Schiff called trafficked in gossip, rumor and innuendo as part of an anti-American bureaucratic coup d’état to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

However, Democrats still scheduled one more last ditch Hail Mary attempt to boost impeachment.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced a December 5 public hearing on the legal grounds for impeachment.

Democrats hoped one more televised hearing outlining the case for impeachment could sway Republicans to betray President Trump and his supporters.

Those hopes were dashed by Delaware Democrat Senator Chris Coons in an interview on fake news CNN’s “The Lead.”

Coons told fake news CNN that in his conversations with Republican Senators there was zero support to convict the President on Democrats’ partisan articles of impeachment.

“Well, as a senator, the pledge I’m going to take is to weigh all the evidence in front of me. So far, I haven’t seen any evidence that’s exculpatory, that would explain the president’s perspective. That’s why I hope he does testify, or that he does have his secretary of State or acting OMB director — or chief of staff, excuse me, testify. I haven’t seen any evidence that gives the president’s side or that explains his conduct as anything other than inappropriate. From what I’ve heard publicly and privately, I don’t think there will be the votes to remove him if this does come to an impeachment trial in the Senate, and to me, that’s disheartening. Because it removes guardrails on presidential misconduct,” Coons told fake news CNN.

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