Nancy Pelosi is hopping mad that her impeachment was crushed with a few words.

Her ridiculous accusations against Trump have been completely destroyed.

A top Republican ripped Trump’s impeachment crime to shreds with a single sentence.

There shouldn’t be a trial without a crime in America.

Just because Democrats control the House doesn’t give them the right to put Trump on trial for no reason.

What the Democrats are doing isn’t justice, it’s mob justice.

They think that because they think Trump is a very bad man, that should be enough to remove him from office, but hurting Nancy Pelosi’s feelings isn’t actually a crime.

One of the legal scholars that they produced at the Congressional testimony said in the past that Trump could get impeached because of his Twitter.

If Trump had committed a real crime the Democrats would have been able to produce expert witnesses who weren’t partisan hacks.

They can’t do that because their accusations are vague, meaningless phrases that they can’t back up.

It took Senator Ted Cruz less than a minute to completely demolish the accusations against Trump.

According to the Daily Wire:

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution Chairman Ted Cruz (R-TX) said on Sunday that the allegations that House Democrats have made against President Donald Trump in their impeachment efforts do not amount to as much as a speeding ticket because they have not alleged that any violation of federal statutes has occurred.

“I do think what we have seen coming out of the House is an abuse of the Constitution,” Cruz told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo. “And the reason is that they’re using this for political purposes. This is the first time in history any president is alleged – has been impeached without the articles alleging any criminal conduct at all, without alleging any federal crime was violated.”

“They don’t allege any federal law was violated. They don’t even allege as much as that the president has a speeding ticket, and that has never happened in our country’s history,” Cruz continued. “And to use impeachment like the House Democrats are doing, to express their political disagreement with the president, to try to overturn an election they’re unhappy with, that is an abuse of the Constitution.”

There may be debate as to whether or not it was wise to impeach Bill Clinton but there’s no doubt that he committed a crime.

Clinton may have been able to keep his job as President but he was stripped of his law license.

Yet Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are both on record saying how very bad it was for Republicans to impeach him.

With Trump, they’ve charged him with abuse of power because they can’t prove bribery which would be an actual crime that they could charge him with.

And the obstruction of justice charge is equally ridiculous.

Do you think that Democrats should have found a real crime that Trump committed before they started impeachment?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.