Democrats are pushing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the future of their party.

The 28 year-old Democrat socialist upended American politics when she toppled a 20-year incumbent in a primary.

But Ocasio-Cortez may have just sealed the party’s doom in 2018.

Ocasio-Cortez has been making the media rounds and taking a celebratory victory lap after defeating Joe Crowley in a Democrat primary.

Crowley held the position of Democratic Caucus Chairman, which made him the number four ranking Democrat in the House, and many pundits speculated he would succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

The media coverage of Ocasio-Cortez has been fawning.

So-called “journalists” from allegedly non-partisan news outlets have heaped praise upon the bartender who is now the face of the future Democrat Party.

The press coverage has largely ignored her extremist positions – which include abolishing ICE and moving towards open borders in the United States – to focus on her background.

So Ocasio-Cortez was expecting another softball interview when she appeared on the new version of PBS’s Firing Line.

The original Firing Line was hosted by William F. Buckley who would routinely dismantle leftist talking points.

The new version features Margaret Hoover who supports homosexual marriage and is pro-abortion – in other words, the liberal media’s version of an acceptable Republican.

Which made it all the more surprising that this was the interview where Ocasio-Cortez revealed herself as a blubbering fool.

In the course of the interview, Hoover quizzed Ocasio-Cortez about her thoughts on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Like any good indoctrinated leftist, Ocasio-Cortez came down strongly on the side of the Palestinians and blasted the Israelis as “occupiers.”

Ocasio Cortez stated:

“I also think that what people are starting to see, at least in the occupation of Palestine, is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian conditions, and that to me is where I tend to come from on this issue.”

When Hoover asked her to explain, Ocasio-Cortez responded, “Oh, um. [pause] I think what I meant is like the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas in places where um, where Palestinians are facing difficulty in access to their housing and homes.”

Hoover tried one more time to push Ocasio-Cortez to explain herself, which is when the 28 year-old bartender threw up her hands and declared she had no idea what she was talking about.

“Yeah, I think I’d also just say that I am not the expert in geopolitics on this issue. You know for me, I’m a firm believer in finding a two-state solution for this issue,” Ocasio-Cortez admitted.

This interview was a disaster not just for Ocasio-Cortez, but for the Democrat Party.

Her views about Israelis as “occupiers” and her full-throated support for the Palestinians will help guarantee that evangelical voters – who care deeply about the safety and security of Israel – stay loyal to Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

And that could have a major impact on turnout in the 2018 midterm elections.

You can watch the clip where Ocasio-Cortez reveals herself as an ignorant hack whose foreign relations knowledge doesn’t extend beyond rhetoric shouted at socialist rallies below.