The FBI’s credibility was dealt another massive blow.

The Inspector General’s report revealed a disturbing decision made by one top FBI official.

And it involved using a mole to rig the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was already under fire for running the Hillary email probe after his wife had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a PAC tied to Hillary Clinton ally and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

McCabe was then fired after Inspector General Michael Horowitz found he lied to investigators on multiple occasions.

But Horowitz found that McCabe had engaged in even more controversial conduct.

It was discovered that McCabe used Lisa Page as his mole to keep him informed about the day-to-day operations of the investigation.

Horowitz wrote:

Lisa Page, who was Special Counsel to McCabe, became involved in the Midyear investigation after McCabe became the Deputy Director in February 2016. Page told the OIG that part of her function was to serve as a liaison between the Midyear team and McCabe.

Page acknowledged that her role upset senior FBI officials, but told the OIG that McCabe relied on her to ensure that he had the information he needed to make decisions, without it being filtered through multiple layers of management.

Several witnesses told the OIG that Page circumvented the official chain of command, and that Strzok communicated important Midyear case information to her, and thus to McCabe, without Priestap’s or Steinbach’s knowledge. McCabe said that he was aware of complaints about Page, and that he valued her ability to “spot issues” and bring them to his attention when others did not.

Page was having an affair with disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, and the two exchanged text messages where they referred to the Russia investigation as “an insurance policy” against Trump winning.

When Page expressed her horror that Trump might win, Strzok responded, “we will stop him.”

That led many critics to contend that the Russia investigation was nothing more than the FBI attempting to rig the Presidential election.

But now that Page’s role in the Clinton investigation was revealed, it is leading to renewed criticism that the FBI’s conduct in the Clinton probe was not on the level.

It strikes observers as curious that out of all the FBI agents he could have picked, why did McCabe choose Page as his inside woman.

Given that Page and Strzok had texted about the Russia investigation being an “insurance policy” against Trump’s victory, it’s not hard to imagine that McCabe was covering all his bases by installing a die-hard Trump-hater in the Clinton investigation as his informant.

Did McCabe install a loyalist to make sure the investigation went “according to plan?”

This new development calls into question the entire basis for the FBI’s decision not to recommend charges against Clinton.

Now it looks like anti-Trump forces within the FBI colluded to rig the investigation.

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