Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo has been working nonstop to use the current crisis to promote his career.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t hide the terrible disaster he caused.

A shocking new discovery just destroyed Andrew Cuomo’s presidential future.

Andrew Cuomo has gained prominence among Democrats during the epidemic outbreak in the New York City area.

He’s been vocal in his criticism of President Trump and blamed him for not giving him all the help that was needed.

The number of new hospitalizations in New York City has been going down for two weeks straight but almost half the deaths in America from coronavirus have been from the New York City area.

The antibody studies in Florida and California have shown between 2%-4% of the population had coronavirus.

However, with New York City it’s a different story.

Part of that is due to New York City being the most densely populated city in America, but there are other factors.

“Since I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus,” Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted on March 2, and then suggested some shows for people to go out and see.

Mike DeWine, the Republican Governor of Ohio, called off the Arnold Sports Festival on March 5th even though there was not yet a single case in the state because he thought hundreds of thousands of people gathering together for an event was a bad idea.

If Andrew Cuomo had asked people, especially those at high risk, to take sensible precautions a couple weeks earlier, it would have made a huge difference.

88% of hospitalized patients in the New York City area had more than one pre-existing condition, so warning people in high risk groups to be careful could have made a huge difference.

The reason New York City got hit so badly by the coronavirus was because a vast portion of the population came down with it.

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21% of people tested had antibodies for the coronavirus in New York City.

According to Market Watch:

More than 21% of the New York City residents given coronavirus antibody tests earlier this week tested positive, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. Monday marked the start of a statewide initiative to test 3,000 New Yorkers for the presence of antibodies, which are made in response to viral infections. The preliminary results mean that one in five of the city residents tested have had coronavirus and developed the antibodies to fight it. Across the state, 13.9% of the individuals tested were positive for antibodies, Cuomo told reporters at a daily news briefing. New York state is the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, with more than 250,000 cases and more than 19,000 fatalities, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University.

This is bad news for Andrew Cuomo but it’s good news for the American people.

The death rate for the coronavirus seems to be far lower than previously expected and as long as we don’t have 20% of the population fall sick from coronavirus within a month, America should not exceed its medical capacity.