There are growing suspicions about the true nature of the FBI’s “spygate” scandal.

And they center on Barack Obama.

Now one Senator just sent a letter that could blow the FBI’s cover up sky high.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley is furious.

The Department of Justice turned over text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

But they were heavily redacted.

And one redaction caught everyone’s attention.

An August 5th, 2016 message between the two FBI agents revealed that “the White House is running this.”

But a White House official’s name was blacked out.

This is now an important detail because August 5th is just five days after the FBI opened the counterintelligence investigation into Trump and Russia.

It is also four days after the FBI’s spy made contact with senior Trump advisor Sam Clovis and tried to infiltrate the campaign.

This text message is the first piece of evidence that the White House was involved in this investigation and raises questions as to whether political officials were involved.

That would cast the investigation in a new light—and a more damaging light.

As an elected representative, Grassley has the right to information on behalf of the American people.

So he is demanding the FBI turnover the unredacted versions of the text messages.

Grassley wrote:

On May 1, 2018, and May 18, 2018, Committee staff reviewed in camera less redacted versions of the Strzok and Page text message productions provided to the Committee. On several occasions, my staff have requested that the Department of Justice provide the Committee with a redaction key, to no avail. Thus, the Committee is still in the dark about the justification the Department is relying upon to withhold that information from Congress. As one example of redacted material, in a text message produced to the Committee, the price of Andrew McCabe’s $70,000 conference table was redacted.1 In another, an official’s name was redacted in reference to a text about the Obama White House “running” an investigation, although it is unclear to which investigation they were referring.2 In order to see under the redactions, Committee staff had to travel to main Justice to review a lesser redacted version. When viewing the still redacted portions in context with the unredacted material, it appeared that the redacted portions may contain relevant information relating to the Committee’s ongoing investigation into the manner in which the Department of Justice and FBI handled the Clinton and Russia investigations

In order for the American people to get the full picture as to the true nature of spygate, the exact role of the Obama administration needs to be determined.

The FBI and DOJ look like they are executing a cover up on behalf of the Obama administration—not protecting vital national security information like they claim.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.