Robert Mueller was facing a fight that could have shut him down for good.

Lawyers for one Mueller witness filed a motion questioning the constitutionality of his appointment.

A federal judge answered that once and for all by handing down a ruling about Mueller’s investigation that will leave Trump supporters speechless.

Robert Mueller just scored a major victory in his witch hunt against President Trump.

Lawyers for Roger Stone’s social media manager, Andrew Miller, had challenged a grand jury subpoena issued by the special counsel’s office on the grounds that Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional.

U.S. District Chief Judge Beryl Howell wrote:

“The witness raises legitimate questions, but his concerns are not legally sustainable. The scope of the Special Counsel’s power falls well within the boundaries the Constitution permits, as the Special Counsel is supervised by an official who is himself accountable to the elected President. The witness’s remaining arguments fare no better. Multiple statutes authorize the Special Counsel’s appointment, and the official who appointed the Special Counsel had power to do so. For these reasons, explained in further detail below, the witness’s motion to quash the grand jury subpoenas is denied.”

Miller’s attorney gave an exclusive interview to the Washington Post about the ruling and expressed disappointment, but also appreciated that the judge said they raised legitimate questions and answered their motion with a 93-page opinion.

The Post reported:

“We’re disappointed with the court’s ruling,” Miller’s attorney, Paul Kamenar, said in an interview. “But the judge obviously took our challenge to Mueller’s constitutionality seriously, as evidenced by the 93-page opinion.”

This news broke on the heels of a story that Stone’s longtime friend Kristin Davis – who ran the escort service that former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer patronized – gave a voluntary interview to the FBI about Stone.

Former Stone aide Sam Nunberg discussed these developments in an interview on Ari Melber’s MSNBC show.

Nunberg said it was clear that Mueller was going to indict Stone on the same “conspiracy to defraud the United States” charges that had been brought against former Trump campaign aides Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and use financial crimes to back up the case and that Mueller would use Stone’s indictment to frame Trump for colluding with Russia.

“As I’ve said, Roger is a critical piece for Mueller’s narrative. This is my view – to set up the Watergate narrative where you have all these associates vis a vis near the President making this as if this break in- which is now the hacking was involved or connected to the President,” Nunberg stated.

Nunenberg continued, “What they are doing is they are going into Roger’s personal finances. So what I think – when Roger is indicted unfortunately – I don’t support it…You are going to have some broad charge that he was part of a conspiracy to defraud America then backed up by a bunch of financial charges.”

This development will only fuel accusations by President Trump and his supporters that the Mueller probe is nothing more than a silent coup designed to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

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