Hollywood is working overtime to destroy President Trump.

Being anti-Trump is the new trend in the infamously left-wing industry.

And a huge Hollywood star is in hot water after what she said about Donald Trump.

Far-left TBS-late show host and self-described “comedian” Samantha Bee is perhaps the most extreme of the anti-Trump figures on television.

She constantly launches disgusting attacks at the President and his allies.

Bee even went so far as to go after First Lady Melania Trump, calling her a “feckless c**t.”

Following that statement, there were calls for her firing.

But in the end, the network let her continue with her show, while many on the left openly praised her.

And that only emboldened her to kick things up a notch.

In a recent broadcast, Bee talked about the mass shooting in El Paso, TX.

The shooter was allegedly a white supremacist, who was targeting El Paso due to their large Hispanic population.

So naturally, the media is blaming President Trump for the shooting.

He has never called for violence against anybody, and has been a strong ally to the Hispanic population, especially legal immigrants, who strongly oppose illegal immigration.

Despite that, Bee went on an unhinged rant blaming Trump for the shooting, and comparing him to the mass shooter.

She started off by expressing her anger at the shooting, only to quickly swipe at Trump, insinuating he has some responsibility for the shooting.

“We are so sick of living in fear for no goddamn good reason,” Bee said. “It’s very clear what the problem is, despite the usual attempts by the president and others to pin the blame elsewhere.”

But that statement is far from as crazy as what she said next, where she compares Trump to the shooter, stating that they are both racist monsters.

“As far as we know, the El Paso shooter wasn’t mentally ill at all,” Bee contended. “Being a racist monster isn’t a mental illness. In fact, you can be one and be a ‘very stable genius.’”

Everybody knows she is referring to President Trump in that statement.

While her statement is ridiculous, it is far from surprising.

The mainstream media and Hollywood are now united in their crusade to destroy President Trump by any means necessary.

Top stars in Hollywood regularly attack Trump, especially from the stages at their elite award shows.

And the mainstream media doesn’t even try to cover Trump fairly anymore.

They erroneously claim that Trump is a “white supremacist” or “white nationalist” with no evidence backing their claim.

Calling somebody a racist is a heavy accusation, which historically has required evidence backing it.

But now, the mainstream media decides who they want to smear as racist, and decide that they are racist because they say so.

Anybody who defends Trump from charges of racism also gets pinned as racists.

CNN and other fake news networks have gone so far to state that supporting Trump makes you a racist, or a white supremacist.

They completely ignore the fact that Trump continues to climb in the polls for minorities, due to his policies that are benefiting their communities.

In reality, Trump has done more for minorities so far than Obama was able to do in eight years.

Hollywood elites like Samantha Bee will never understand that, because they never have to interact with those whose lives Trump is improving.

Do you agree that Trump is not a racist?

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