Leftists are determined to alter American history while fighting their cultural war, and Confederate monuments are the left’s latest target.

Rioting and protests are occurring all over the country as the alt-left fights to have statues removed that have any relation to slavery.

But a new plan has been made public to erase one of the most important monuments in the United States– and almost 90% of Americans totally oppose it.

A recent poll reported 9 out of 10 Americans are against altering one of America’s greatest treasures– Mount Rushmore.

Leftists want Mount Rushmore altered (demolished even) in their vendetta against aspects of history which reflect racism.

Mount Rushmore is their latest target, as the monument represents two of America’s founding fathers– Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Jefferson and Washington are being singled-out for their history of owning slaves.

But still, Americans are wary of changing history, and almost 90% of them disagree with alt-left movements to erase key historical lessons.

Breitbart reported:

Ninety percent of the 1,000 likely voters in the August 17 to August 20 poll opposed the removal of Washington or Jefferson from the Mount Rushmore monument as they were asked: “Two of the four presidents honored on Mount Rushmore were slave owners. Should that monument be closed or changed?”

When asked “Should George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s names be removed from public places and statues in their honor taken down?” 88 percent said the monuments should be conserved, and only 7 percent said they should be erased.

The public also is leery of the current political demand to erase Confederate statues erected after the civil war. For example, that push to remove Civil War statues will damage race relations, say pluralities of African-Americans, Latinos, political independents, young voters, moderates, blue-collar and middle-class voters, says the poll by Rasmussen Reports.

Nationwide, only 28 percent of likely voters say race relations will be helped by the removal and erasure of “Confederate monuments” while 39 percent say the removals will hurt race relations, said the poll.

The 39 percent includes 43 percent of African-Americans, 42 percent of other non-white racial groups, 36 percent of political independents, 44 percent of voters aged 18 to 39, plus 38 percent of “moderates,” 42 percent of low-income voters,  and 41 percent of voters earning from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

No comment has been made by federal officials on whether an altering of Mount Rushmore could actually happen, but with the lack of support by the American people shown in the poll, it seems incredibly unlikely such change could occur.

Do you believe history should be altered to erase aspects of racism?

Or is it better to make wrongdoings of the past into a teachable moment for future generations?

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