In what may have been one of the best floor speeches in a long time, Nick Freitas, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, passionately slammed the Democrats in defense of the Second Amendment.

His speech has become a viral sensation, with over 13 million views.

On the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates, Freitas went after the gun-grabbers who have called Republicans Nazi’s with blood on their hands in the wake of the tragic Parkland, Florida shooting.

Breitbart reports:

“Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas (R-30) took Democrats to task Friday over gun control, welfare policies, slavery, Jim Crow laws, and opposition to arming teachers for self-defense.

He rose to speak after a gun control deluge from Democrat Delegates, which was combined with a blame-game targeting Republicans.

Freitas would not have it. In fact, he offered a point-by-point rebuttal of the Democrat Party, their gun control aspirations, and the perilous position in which Democrat policies have placed generations of poor Americans and families from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

He introduced his comments on Facebook, writing, “For several days now, some Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates have made public speeches comparing those of us who take our oath to the Constitution seriously, to include the 2nd Amendment, to Nazis and segregationists.”

Democrats have resorted to ad hominems and shaming tactics to force Republicans to move on gun control.

Breitbart continues:

He then launched into his floor speech, calling out Democrat Delegates who claimed they were in pursuit of “an open and honest debate on gun violence, school shootings, gun control, etc.”

Freitas said:

I’m certainly willing to have that debate, and I think if we were going to look seriously at school shootings and gun control we would analyze things like, ‘Why do all mass shootings seem to take place in gun-free zones’?

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to test whether or not … gun-free zones have actually achieved what their … intent is? 

Studies have shown that 98% of recent mass shootings have taken place in so-called “gun free zones”.

As reported by Breitbart, Freitas moves on to consider the possible societal causes for these mass shootings instead:

“We would start to look at why most of these shooters come from broken homes. What sort of government policies have actually encouraged broken homes?”

He then pointed to left-leaning think tanks that have found the “abortion industry” contributes to broken homes while conservative-leaning think tanks point to the Democrat-sponsored welfare state as perpetuating broken homes.

Freitas then suggested looking around the country at areas with the strictest gun control—mentioning Chicago and Washington, DC, among others. He said, “For some reason, [the gun control] hasn’t seemed to stop the gun violence in those particular areas.”

Freitas then passionately made the case that citizens have a right to self-defense, including teachers.

Breitbart continues:

“Guns are a powerful deterrent and self-defense isn’t limited only to circumstances where a perpetrator ends up killed or wounded. Americans hold the Second Amendment in high esteem because we honestly believe that you have an inherent right to defend yourself. Your ability to defend yourself should not be [limited] to your size. Firearms provide someone that is weaker and not as fast the ability to defend themselves from a stronger attacker.”

Freitas made clear that a debate on gun violence and school shootings should also include talk of arming certain teachers to keep students safe. 

He said, “Not every teacher, but a teacher that is comfortable with it. That is former law enforcement, is former military, that is now in the classroom. Delegate [Kenneth Plum (D-36)] said yesterday that was ridiculous to consider.

Why? Is that because the other side of this debate will only accept one ‘solution’ to this problem? And that is tearing apart or gutting the Second Amendment?”

Freitas then emphatically declares that Republicans have learned they cannot trust Democrats on any kind of gun control:

“I don’t think any of us on this side of the aisle believe you when you say that’s all you want to do. It’ll be bump stocks, it’ll be background checks, then it’ll be a different kind of background checks that register the guns. Then after that it’ll be that we need to ban “assault weapons.”

What’s an “assault weapon?” Something that looks scary. Then after that it will be semiautomatic rifles, after that it will be semiautomatic handguns, then it will be revolvers [and] shotguns.

Because when the policies fail to produce the results you are promising your constituents, you’ll be back with more reasons on why we have to infringe on Second Amendment rights.”

And in epic conclusion, Freitas took head-on the Democrats who have accused Republicans as being “segregationists”:

“I just want to remind everybody, that it was not our party that supported slavery, that fought [against] women’s suffrage, that rounded up tens of thousands of Asian-Americans and put them in concentration camps [during World War II], that supported Jim Crow, that supported segregation or supported mass resistance.

That wasn’t our party, that was the Democrat Party.”

It’s rare to see any politician call out their colleagues, much less with the eloquence in which Freitas stood up for the millions of Americans who are strongly opposed to gun-grabs.

Nick Freitas is running for the U.S. Senate.

His speech is worth watching: