12148014_sIt might seem like a sweeping generalization, but it’s fairly certain most liberals are dead set against most life-extending policies.

Just peruse through the Affordable Care Act or look at how they’ve handled the VA scandal and you can see this is plainly true.

That’s why liberals across the nation, especially in the state of Ohio, are seething over a policy allowing teachers to carry concealed in their classrooms to better protect their students.

You, the reader, might see this is a practical solution to help curb the growing epidemic of school shootings.

Liberals on the other hand insist there’s nothing safe about a trained teaching professional keeping a gun secured on their person in class.

40 school districts across the great state of Ohio have recently granted teachers the option of carrying concealed if they so choose. Every teacher who opts to carry goes through a rigorous training regimen to ensure they’re able to operate their firearm safely in an active shooting scenario. Training alongside law enforcement the teachers are required to go through intense training exercises so if something does happen…they’re capable of stopping a threat in their tracks.

For instance:

In one scenario the armed protector must quickly find and neutralize the bad guy as terrified students run out of a classroom.

Gun in hand he shouts, “Are there any other shooters? Are there any other shooters?”

Parents in a district asked that their staff be armed. The board OK’d the training and the carrying of weapons on campus by trained staff. Recent school shootings prompted them to ask not to identify the school district. The superintendent acts as the shooter, he explained his reasoning on the controversial issue, “When does help come? Every 30 seconds 2 people die. That’s not acceptable. I don’t know when the 911 call gets made. I don’t know when law enforcement arrives. It’s not that they don’t want to help but when do they help and I want to keep my kids safe.”

Proponents of this kind of policy frequently note the response time for active school shootings is simply too long.

Those crucial minutes it takes for police to arrive, secure the campus, and then work on confronting the assailant is time wasted…and it’s often fatal.

That’s why they insist this policy is so important.

One of the instructors, a local SWAT team member commented saying, “We’ve believed in this for a long time, but never thought we’d be able to pull it off until Sandy Hook. And then everything changed. Now people realize if you don’t have somebody in the school that’s armed willing and capable you’re gonna lose a lot of people.”

Again, liberals insist this is not the way to handle school shootings.

They reason if we can just ban guns then our problems are solved.

Of course they refuse to admit how all school shooters have a long history of ignoring schools “Gun Free Zone” policies and have yet to offer a designer solution that will guarantee shooters follow their gun bans.

Do you think teachers trained in the use of a weapon in active school shootings should be allowed to carry on school grounds?

Or is this just a recipe for disaster?

Tell us in the comments below.