Eric Holder, the Attorney General who led the failed Fast and Furious gun buying program and who failed to prosecute Lois Lerner and the IRS after they targeted conservatives, has an interesting theory on why people support Trump.

He says, the entire reason Trump and his Make America Great Again slogan succeeded in the first place is because Trump supporters are scared.

And he didn’t just intimate that they’re scared, he says Trump supporters have flawed ways of thinking too.

His direct quote was, “This sort of thinking, this ‘Make America Great’ mindset is not only flawed, it’s rooted in fear. And it favors an imagined past over a realistic future,” Holder said while speaking at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.

Holder also seemed to hint that people who want to Make America Great again are racists.

At the speech he asked what era Trump supporters would like to rewind to?

“Certainly it was not when people were enslaved,” he said. “Certainly it was not when segregation was the law of the land. Certainly it was not when women were disenfranchised. Certainly it was not when the LGBT community was routinely stigmatized.”

And then Holder gave everyone in attendance something to chew on…

He says he may run for President.

The Hill writes:

Holder has said he is considering running for the presidency in 2020. He served as attorney general from 2009-2015 under President Obama and currently runs the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an organization he created that encourages pro-Democratic redrawings of congressional districts.

Holder on Saturday also encouraged people to vote in the November midterm elections
“We have an opportunity to send a message … to the present occupant of the White House, to the extremists who surround him and to those that support him, that we will not allow for the dismantling of the social compact forced by Roosevelt and other great presidents between we the people and our government,” he said.

“Make no mistake, we are in the struggle of our lives.”

It’s obvious that Holder is relying on the same divide and conquer tactics his old boss used.

Holder and Democrats can’t seem to fathom the reason Trump ascended to power was exactly because of the kind of antagonism Holder engaged in this weekend.