Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.39.22 AMThe American People are fed up with Obama and his deceit.

The president came into office promising to push forward with one of the most transparent administrations of all time. What’s crystal clear is the man lies as often as he can breathe, so transparency is only ever obtained after he is outed for his blatant lies.

The question is have you ever taken the time to look at all the lies?

It can be overwhelming. Truthfully the number of times he’s not only lied, but been called out for his dishonesty is utterly staggering.

Politifact took the time to compile a huge list of all the lies that he’s told, complete with articles to back up their assertions that the president is in fact a “grand Pinocchio.”

Here’s that list.

One of the most recent, and telling untruths he told was in regards to the threat displayed by ISIS.

Earlier in the year when asked about the growing threat presented by ISIS, he said they were nothing more than a JV team, and were not anything to worry about.

He made quick turnaround and said that he was not in fact referring to ISIS when he made that statement, but was talking about forces in the region.


Megyn Kelly embarrassed the president as she picked apart his defense in a recent Fox News Insider Report.

The president can’t keep his foot out of his mouth long enough to tell another lie it seems. And all of that would be laughable if it weren’t for how damaging his lies have become.

Lying about a response to ISIS has cost thousands of people their lives. Likewise, lies about Ebola quarantine procedures likely allowed the virus to make its appearance in the U.S.

And let’s not forget the travesty that is Obamacare and his very willful attempts to dupe the American people into accepting the Affordable Healthcare Act.

He’s been steamrolling conservatives left and right. The question is: will he ever have to face consequences for this unethical behavior?

The future is hopeful.

But Obama might have lied about something even bigger than we could have ever imagined.

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