The Democrats lust to control our freedoms truly knows no boundaries. If they think they can “improve” your life by limiting your freedom they will do it, no questions asked.

The examples of their interference on both a state and national level is more than obvious. One of the most glaring examples of their ability to destroy our sacred liberties is the confined attack on the second amendment. Because of power hungry Democrats, millions of Americans have seen their ability to own a gun severely restricted. In some states, the power to defend themselves has been all but removed.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are policing law-abiding citizens to death. And their plans to erode more of our civil liberties are continuing unabated.

Such is the case in the illustrious police state of California where gun owners are some of the most regulated citizens in the state.

It’s not enough that gun owners there have restrictions on their magazine sizes, concealed carry permits, semi-automatics and more.

Now the powers that be think ammunition should be regulated to death too.

That’s what the Lt. Governor of the state is intending to do if he’s elected to Governor.

Gavin Newsom came up with the idea of regulating “the most important part of the gun” after he was ID’ed to buy cough syrup. When that happened he erroneously thought it odd he was being ID’ed to buy a drug (that’s what cough medicine is) when people who go to buy ammunition are not carded.

Breitbart writes:

He wants anyone buying ammunition to endure a background check similar to the one that would-be gun buyers currently have to pass to buy a firearm.

According to the Press Democrat, Newsom, speaking at the Graton casino, told a story about being denied a Sudafed cold medicine purchase because he did not have a driver’s license to show at the pharmacy counter. He suggested it is strange that a person has to show ID to buy cold medicine but not ammunition.

In addition to ammunition background checks, Newsom also pledged to add new reporting requirements for licensed firearms dealers, to increase reporting of prohibited gun owners to the FBI database, and to require a license for anyone selling ammunition.

Sure, that seems perfectly reasonable…

Except for the fact we have a constitutional right to own and bear arms and we don’t have the same right to access cough medicines.

What Newsom is doing is a classic move the progressives have adapted to fit their needs over the years. They are parsing away our freedoms by making small intrusions on our liberty so that one day a freedom which was once concrete will be completely gutted.

The evidence is clear.

Over the past 50 or so years we’ve seen a rich heritage of gun ownership under attack by the liberals of the world.

Only on occasion does the second amendment stand up to their attacks. Who knows how much longer we’ll be able to recognize it as it remains to day.

If democrats had their way it really wouldn’t be much longer.