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Last month, Kamala Harris announced she is running for president.

And almost overnight, Harris became one of the top Democratic candidates.

But it has all started to go wrong as her campaign takes a nosedive due to this awful video.

California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is running for president.

And despite skyrocketing to the top of the leaderboard after throwing her hat into the ring, Harris’ campaign is now under fire.

And the focus of the criticism is from a disastrous interview Harris gave.

The Daily Caller reports, “Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris revealed on Monday that she smoked marijuana when she was a student in college at Howard University.”

The 2020 Democratic nominee was previously attacked for being too opposed to marijuana legalization.

But she has since done a 180 on the issue by coming out in favor of legalizing the drug, and even admitting that she smoked it while in college.

“I have and I inhaled, I did inhale,” the California Senator said when she was asked if she had ever smoked. “It was a long time ago, but yes. I just broke news.”

There’s one catch however.

Harris stated during the interview that she smoked pot while listening to Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur.

The statement was almost certainly meant to pander to her audience however, and it seems obvious that the California Senator was lying.

Neither Snoop Dogg nor Tupac had even released singles by the time she graduated college, as she claimed.

Harris graduated in the mid-1980s. Neither musician gained national fame until the 1990s.

Either Harris was lying, or she was too high to remember what music she was listening to at the time.

Regardless, the statements were almost immediately identified as a pathetic attempt to pander on the part of Senator Harris.

Kamala Harris is in danger of falling for the same sort of “fake politician” image that Hillary Clinton was torn to shreds on in 2016.

And her attempts to appeal to ordinary voters are just making the problem even worse.

The problem for Harris is that she simply doesn’t care about ordinary voters.

Which makes things all the more difficult for her when she attempts to connect with them.

Of course, Harris isn’t all that worried about her image, insofar as it does not affect her electoral chances.

She couldn’t care less about marijuana’s legal status either.

She’s simply saying things like this in order to build support to run for president, and she thinks that the American people now support legalization, which means that’s what she will say.

During her campaign kickoff, Harris tried to portray herself as a far-left progressive, supporting various liberal agenda items from socialized medicine to aggressive government intervention in the economy to address climate change.

And now she is wading into the issue of marijuana legalization, and even going so far as to lie about it, in order to build support.

Do you think Kamala Harris was being genuine?

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