Former FBI Director James Comey cannot escape the growing scandal surrounding the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election.

President Trump and his supporters have criticized the FBI for using ex-British spy Christopher Steele and his work to try and sway the election.

And Comey is now in deep trouble after the FBI made 71 previously secret pages of documents public.

The FBI’s relationship with Christopher Steele continues to become more problematic.

Steele put together the controversial Trump-Russia dossier that became the central basis for allegations of collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

It was also the primary piece of evidence the FBI cited in their application for a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The FBI has not been candid about its dealings with Steele, and there have been major questions about when Steele began his investigation, if Steele was paid by the FBI, and how materials were handled after Steele submitted them to the FBI.

In response to these questions, the FBI made public 71 pages of documents about its dealings with Christopher Steele.

But instead of quieting the critics, the FBI’s move raised more questions than answers.

Nearly every line in the 71 pages of documents were blacked out.

This led critics to question why the FBI was so afraid of the American people learning the true facts about how they worked with a foreign spy during a Presidential campaign.

While the documents did reveal that Steele was given an admonishment in February 2016 by the FBI and that he was paid by the Bureau, the redactions make it impossible to know when Steele was paid.

The admonishment raises eyebrows because it is typically given when an individual begins working for the FBI as a confidential informant and then annually thereafter.

Finally, the documents confirmed that Steele had told a third party he was working as a confidential human source for the FBI and was also the source for a news article—likely the September 2016 Yahoo piece authored by Michael Isikoff.

Isikoff’s article was used as evidence that the FBI had corroborated the allegations in the dossier.

But they did not tell the court that both the dossier and the Yahoo article were sourced by Steele.

These documents only add to the headaches for the FBI and its former Director James Comey.

The cover up of the FBI colluding with a foreign spy to try and influence the 2016 election continues to unfold.

Precious few details about the relationship between Steele and the FBI have leaked out.

But what information is publically available is raising major red flags.

The details released make it clear that Trump was right to fire James Comey.

In fact, the only question now is why Trump didn’t remove Comey on the very first day of his administration.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.