President Donald Trump is in a tough spot. He’s shown a few signs of weakness that any other president might receive a little grace for. But the liberal media can’t stand President Trump. They feel like he is an illegitimate president and unpresidential. He took office on January 20th and has not been in office 100 days and the press is ripping him from limb to limb.

This is quite different than the first black President, media darling Barack Obama, who was so exciting for the left that one famous news anchor said “I Felt This Thrill Going up My leg” when he was describing how Obama spoke. They gave pass after pass for the junior senator from Illinois.

So if recent polls are any indicator of how the left is framing the conversation, the fledgling Trump administration is in trouble. You see, politicial commentator Juan Williams reported that a left-leaning polling company did some polls to find out where people stood on Trump.

Last week, a new poll from the liberal outfit Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked Americans if President Trump should resign if evidence emerges that his campaign worked with Russia to help defeat Hillary Clinton. A majority, 53 percent, said he should resign.
That is important because PPP also found that 44 percent of Americans already believe that Trump’s campaign did just that.

The thing with these polls is they can be written in such a way that the answers can’t help but say Trump is guilty.

For example, “Do you think if Trump had interactions with Russians before the election, he should be impeached?”

That’s a leading question.

How ‘bout this?

Do you think it’s possible that Trump colluded with Russians?

If enough people were to answer “Yes” to that, it automatically looks like a consensus think Trump is guilty.

But use another example- “Do you think it is possible that an athlete in the NFL used performance enhancing drugs to help his team get to the Superbowl?

Anyone in their right mind would say “Yes, it’s possible” because they know the NFL is competitive and players are trying to get the edge. Does that mean more than 3,000 athletes are guilty of using PEDs?


It’s just possible that a few have done so in the past.

Williams is salivating at the idea that Trump could be impeached as a result of this witch hunt and he cites two Republicans who are taking political cover to try and protect their own futures.

So is it possible that these folks are bunkering down in case Trump gets impeached? Yes.

Is it likely? Not yet.