The special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional district was shaping up to be a referendum on Donald Trump.

Would a Democratic win mean the Trump-train was derailed?

The voters delivered their verdict and it was yet another massive defeat for the Democrats.

Democrats and the media rallied behind 30-year-old Jon Ossoff.

The first time candidate was hailed in the press as the face of the anti-Trump resistance.

He was competing with 11 other Republicans in the primary to replace Congressman Tom Price who was named Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Under Georgia law, all candidates compete in a “Jungle primary” regardless of party and the top two candidates advance to a runoff unless one gets 50 percent plus 1in the initial vote.

Clinton won 46.8 percent of the vote in the district during the November elections, and liberals believed they could use the special election to send a message to Trump.

Ossoff – who didn’t live in the district – was flush with eight million dollars in campaign contributions.

He had Hollywood celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson cut commercials for him.

And he had the media portraying the race as if he was the only candidate running.

But like Clinton in November – who had the media, the money, and Hollywood behind her – Ossoff fell short.

He did not get 50 percent of the vote and now heads to a June runoff against Republican Karen Handel.

Trump helped make the election a referendum on himself by attacking Ossoff on Twitter.

Once the race was called for a runoff, Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the win.

This was the second consecutive special election where Democrats and the media hyped up their chances only to fall short.

Democrats lost the race to fill CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s seat in Kansas’ Fourth Congressional District even though their base is flush with maximum energy and enthusiasm.

Republicans in Congress should not take these wins for granted.

Democrats are fired up to vote.

Leadership needs to deliver on Donald Trump’s agenda of repealing Obamacare, building the border wall, and cutting taxes to boost GOP enthusiasm ahead of the midterm elections.