Bill ClintonBill Clinton’s been lying low ever since his wife lost the 2016 election.

The former President is desperate for revenge against Donald Trump.

But his life was ruined when he found out this awful truth.

Democrats used to flock to Bill Clinton for political advice and beg him to campaign with them.

Clinton was viewed as crucial to wooing the working class voters that used to make up the backbone of the Democrat Party.

However, Bill Clinton is an isolated figure in 2019 American politics.

That’s because the changing nature of the Democrat Party – with their voters obsessed with identity politics – has rendered him obsolete.

Top candidates no longer think the path to the White House runs through traditional swing states like Ohio and Iowa where the Democrats used to court white working class voters.

Now they believe their electoral majority resides in the Sun Belt where diverse populations in Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina will form the foundation of their efforts to oust President Trump.

Race obsessed Democrats – who run around promoting amnesty for illegal aliens and reparations for slavery – are promoting fringe policies that may appeal to a slice of their coalition, but alienate the voters who supported Bill Clinton in his two successful Presidential campaigns.

In addition, Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct scandals finally caught up with him.

The #MeToo movement forced Democrats to reckon with the fact that women credibly accused Clinton of rape and sexual assault.

While Clinton did not pay the legal or financial consequences like the other powerful liberals brought down by #MeToo accusations, Clinton did suffer a political price.

Candidates did not want to be seen campaigning with him in 2018.

And Democrats nominated a record number of women to run for office last year.

Bill Clinton showing up at their rallies would have led to tough questions about whether they believed the women’s credible accusations against Clinton, and if not, why did the women not deserve to be believed?

Finally, the Clintons’ bloody feud with Bernie Sanders is another reason high profile Democrats are steering clear of Bill Clinton.

The Democrat National Committee rigged the 2016 primary against Sanders.

Given the amount of grassroots support Sanders maintains, no one wants to tarnish their image by toadying up to a corrupt establishment figure like Bill Clinton.

For all of these reasons, high profile Democrats are avoiding Bill Clinton in the run up to 2020.

Some of the lesser known candidates sought his advice on messaging and policy before they jumped into the contest, but none of the top-tier contenders want to be seen in the same zip code as Bill Clinton.

For the first time in his adult life, Bill Clinton has been forced to the sidelines in an election.

For over a generation, the fake news media hailed Clinton as a political genius.

But his past sins have finally caught up to him and Clinton will pay for his misdeeds with political isolation.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.