The Democrat Party is calling in the big guns for the 2018 midterm elections.

Liberals are determined to reach deep into their playbook to guarantee a blue wave washes across America.

And Michelle Obama launched one racist attack on Trump and the GOP that will have you up in arms.

Democrats are counting on a surge in minority voters to propel the party to victory in November.

One play the Democrats always make during election season is to fearmonger about Republicans suppressing black voters.

Michelle Obama played this race card in a video she made for the left-wing group, When We All Vote.

The former First Lady’s pitch was centered around the liberal smear that Republicans are trying to suppress minority voters through voter ID laws.

Obama’s video message was about the Voting Rights Act and how even today some Americans are denied their right to vote.

The background images during the video were from the civil rights movement as an unmistakable attempt to claim the circumstances today are comparable to the Jim Crow era.

Obama declared, “…More than 50 years ago this week, the Voting Rights Act became law and for decades it’s made our democracy stronger, giving every American from every background and every walk of life the right to vote.”

“50 years is a long time though and sometimes it’s easy to forget all the work it took to get this law passed. All the organizing and marching. All the volunteers who registered voters. All the folks who even if they knew they would be turned away at the polls stood up time and again for their right to vote,” Obama continued.

“Today, we want to honor their legacy, and continue their work to ensure that every eligible American casts their vote.  Work that is far from finished.”

Obama concluded by announcing a week of action she will take from September 22nd to the 29th, “I’m going to be hitting the road with the When We All Vote team,” where the Obama will rally activists push to register voters for the midterm elections.

You can watch Michelle Obama’s video below.

This is the same tired grievance politics the Democrats employ every election cycle.

But Democrats are more desperate than ever.

Donald Trump won more minority votes than liberal RINOs like John McCain and Mitt Romney, and that was after the media spent the entire campaign falsely accusing Trump of racism.

If minority turnout does not exceed expectations, Democrats will fail to take back at least one house of Congress.

And that would be a cataclysmic failure for the Democrat Party and could lead to a civil war in 2020, the likes of which Americans have not seen in generations.

That’s why Democrats are calling Michelle Obama in from the bullpen to try and juice black voter turnout this fall.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the midterm elections and the battle for control of Congress.