Barack Obama had to watch helplessly as Donald Trump succeeded him to the office of President of the United States.

And since leaving office himself, he has tried to figure out how Democrats could beat Trump in 2020.

But Obama’s jaw dropped to the floor for one shocking reason after watching the Democrat Debates.

Nobody opposed the rise of Donald Trump more than Barack Obama.

After watching in horror as Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Obama had to stand by and allow Trump to succeed him as President just a few months later.

His entire legacy has now been put to the torch by Trump as one law or rule after another has been rescinded by Trump.

And with more and more conservative judges being appointed to office, even more of Obama’s legacy is now under threat and will continue to be long after Trump is no longer President.

But Obama hasn’t stood by quietly over the past two years.

He’s been working to see that Trump is defeated in the 2020 elections as he desperately tries to save his own record from complete destruction.

But for Obama, watching the latest Democratic debates may have just destroyed all hope that he can solve his problems simply by having Trump lose in 2020.

And that’s because Democrats spent more time attacking Obama during the latest primary debate than they did attacking Trump himself.

The Hill reports, “MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ anchor Joe Scarborough on Wednesday night slammed 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, saying they were spending more time attacking former President Obama’s policies than President Trump during the second round of primary debates.”

It was something no one thought would happen.

And the person who least expected it was Obama himself.

For years, Democrats worshiped Obama as the greatest man who ever existed.

And now that he’s out of office, he’s being used as a political punching bag by members of his own party.

The worst part of it all is that Democrats chose to spend more time attacking Obama than they did Trump during the second round of Democratic debates.

That’s a strategy that is almost certainly going to backfire for most of them.

But for Obama himself, it was a betrayal he never saw coming.

“These candidates are attacking Barack Obama’s policy positions more than Donald Trump. That is politically stupid and crazy,” said former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, a major Trump critic and MSNBC host.

A significant amount of the criticism directed at Obama was brought about in part because other Democrats on the debate stage were trying to take shots at Joe Biden, who remains the frontrunner in the field.

And attacking Obama was the quickest way to get to Biden.

“[Biden] also faced a barrage of criticism as the debate shifted to immigration. Multiple protesters at one point shouted ‘3 million deportations’ after CNN’s Don Lemon asked the former vice president a question that cited the nearly 800,000 deportations that occurred during the Obama administration,” adds The Hill.

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