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Democrats in Congress are fighting to all be President Trump’s biggest nightmare.

And one California Democrat is working to investigate every aspect of the President’s life in a bid to take him down.

But the Democrats’ Russian Collusion conspiracy theory is now falling apart after this explosive testimony.

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), has emerged as one of the fiercest critics to President Trump in Congress.

Schiff has made it his personal mission to destroy President Trump.

And after the 2018 elections, he moved one step closer to that goal.

Newly elected House Speaker named Schiff chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff immediately went to work tearing down Trump, and as the new Congress closes in on its one-month mark, he has begun to make good on his threats against the President.

One of Schiff’s primary goals is to connect President Trump to Russian intervention in the 2016 election.

Schiff is a major proponent of the Russian collusion conspiracy theory, which alleges that Trump coordinated with the Russian government to seal the election from Hillary Clinton.

But his quest to connect Trump to Putin has started to backfire.

Schiff has begun to bring in multiple government officials for testimony to his committee in an attempt to connect the dots and implicate Trump in some sort of federal crime, with the unstated goal being to impeach him from office.

But the latest official brought before the House Intelligence Committee to testify just destroyed Schiff’s entire narrative.

The Daily Caller reports, “Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s testimony about his meetings with FBI officials regarding dossier author Christopher Steele severely undercuts claims made in 2018 by California Rep. Adam Schiff and his fellow Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.”

“Ohr told lawmakers Aug. 28, 2018, he briefed top FBI officials Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page in early August 2016, just days after he met with Steele, a former British spy who was investigating then-candidate Donald Trump,” the Daily Caller adds.

It was then that Schiff’s conspiracy truly began to unravel.

Ohr told the committee that McCabe and Page were informed about his interactions with Steele, who at the time was an employee of Fusion GPD, a Clinton-backed opposition research group dedicated to digging up dirt on then-candidate Trump.

The FBI later used Steele’s information to obtain a FISA warrant against one of Trump’s campaign advisers.

One of the biggest criticisms of that FISA warrant was that the FBI left out information related to where they got the information to justify the warrant.

They got the information of course from Steele and his anti-Trump dossier, which was funded by the Clinton Fusion GPS group.

But Ohr affirmed to the committee that he told the FBI as such, and that the FBI knew about the political biases in the dossier they used to spy on Trump’s campaign operatives.

If this is true, it blows the lid off of Schiff’s conspiracy theory, while also implicating the FBI in an abuse of power unlike anything the country has seen before.