Barack ObamaBarack Obama spent three years covering up his involvement in the greatest political crime in American history.

That effort ended up being all for nothing.

And now Barack Obama hung his head when this smoking gun proving his guilt went public.

Attorney General William Barr and United States Attorney John Durham are investigating the corruption at the FBI and the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

During testimony before the Senate, Barr went so far as to call what happened “political surveillance.”

Barr tipped his hand as to how disturbing the underlying facts behind how the Obama Deep State and the FBI began the Russia investigation really were.

At that point in time, former President Obama and his Deep State allies knew the clock was ticking on their cover-up falling apart.

They saw their worst fears come true as the FBI released their 302s with high-ranking Justice Department official Bruce Ohr.

302s are the notes recorded by agents when they interview witnesses.

Ohr served as the number four official in the Justice Department before being reassigned after his role in the Russian collusion hoax went public in 2017.

Investigators zeroed in on Ohr as a person of interest because of his relationship with ex-British spy Christopher Steele and the fact that his wife worked for Fusion GPS – the firm that hired Steele to compose the fake news Russian dossier – on the project digging up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump.

Ohr served as the Nexus for two different agencies involved in the attempt to frame Trump for colluding with the Russians.

And his actions showed the conspiracy ran far deeper than anyone imagined.

When news that the FBI used Steele as a confidential informant during the 2016 election broke, the Bureau sought to distance themselves from the ex-MI6 agent after it became clear his dossier was a work of fiction consisting of Russian disinformation.

The FBI claimed they fired Steele as a confidential human source after his contacts with the media became known.

But that did not mean James Comey and the FBI cut off all contact with Steele.

Instead, they laundered his conspiracy theories through Ohr.

Ohr would meet with Steele and then pass whatever Steele told him to the FBI.

Second, Ohr knew that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson was meeting with high-ranking State Department official Victoria Nuland in the fall of 2016.

The FBI’s notes of the interview with Ohr revealed that “Ohr knew Glenn Simpson and others were talking to Victoria Nuland at the State Department.”

Nuland claims she never attended a briefing with Steele, but it is not hard to imagine Simpson filled her in on Steele’s work.

Ohr’s admission that a key State Department official met with the Fusion GPS co-founder means this conspiracy stretched across a broader range of Obama administration agencies than was previously thought.

And the next logical question is asking if President Obama himself was aware of this plot considering how large a chunk of his administration was in on the scheme.

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