Barack ObamaThe American people elected Donald Trump to undo Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy.

Obama wasn’t going to take that lying down and deployed the Deep State to frame the President for collusion with the Russians.

And now Barack Obama found this terrible way to score revenge against Donald Trump.

Democrats are moving full-bore on impeaching President Trump.

Despite what Nancy Pelosi or any other leading party official says, the Democrats are using every tool at their disposal to remove Donald Trump from office.

And for as much as Democrats and their allies in the fake news media whine about Donald Trump “breaking norms” it is the left that is attempting to impeach the President without any care for the fact that their plan involves turning America into a banana republic.

The House Intelligence Committee was set up after Watergate to exercise oversight over the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

But now the Democrats want to turn into a form of secret police.

In an unprecedented step, House Democrats are combining the House Judiciary and Intelligence to chart the court for impeachment proceedings against the President.

Articles of impeachment must originate in the Judiciary Committee.

But the House Intelligence Committee possesses access to classified information.

Schiff explained why in a press interview:

“If the litigation takes too long — that is, if they are able to legally string this out too long — we will have to make a judgment about whether to go forward with articles of impeachment, even in the absence of being able to bring these witnesses in and obtain these documents, because the obstruction of Congress itself will have risen to that level,” Schiff told MSNBC.

In another leak to Politico – which many critics believe Schiff was the source of the leak – “a source close to Schiff” also defended the move.

“In a case as unique as Trump, it is important to consider the totality of the evidence, including classified information,” the source close to Schiff told Politico. “We’ve been working closely with the Judiciary Committee throughout this process and will continue to provide support as needed.”

In reality, the Democrats intend on rerunning the same plays in concert with the Obama Deep State that they did during the Russia investigation.

During the Russia probe, the Deep State would selectively leak classified information – such as the fact that incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was caught on intercepted phone calls speaking to the Russian Ambassador after the Obama administration imposed sanctions on Moscow for alleged election meddling.

Flynn did nothing wrong and his conduct was above board, but the Obama Deep State planted the leak with a sycophantic reporter that would write the story in such a way as to frame Flynn and the incoming Trump administration for acting in a treasonous manner.

Another example is how Mueller prosecutors or FBI officials would plant stories about what they were “investigating.”

One example was the fake news from Fusion GPS about how the Russians laundered money illegally into the U.S. Presidential election through the National Rifle Association.

The NRA spent a record 30 million dollars supporting Donald Trump and Fusion GPS used that fact to concoct a false narrative that Russian influence agents used the group to illegally fund the President’s campaign.

The fake news media would treat the mere fact that an investigation existed as proof of guilt, but they would never follow through on their reporting that these investigations led to dead ends and no evidence of Russian collusion.

Carefully placed leaks to friendly reporters that would allow their imaginations to run wild in their stories allowed this Russian collusion hoax to carry on for nearly three years.

Democrats know they came up empty on collusion and obstruction of justice.

Their only chance for impeachment is to use the Intelligence Committee to work with the Obama Deep State to plant leaks that will create the appearance of guilt on behalf of Trump.

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