Barack Obama could not help himself.

The former President threw himself into the midterm election campaign.

But Obama made one mistake that could ruin the Democrats in 2018.

Barack Obama Stumps For Democrats

Obama hates Donald Trump.

He will do everything in his power to stop him.

So Obama set his sights on getting Democrats elected to Congress.

A Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not allow votes on legislation that is part of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

But she will allow votes on impeaching Trump.

Obama began his campaign swing with a speech in Chicago.

Journalists cheered Obama’s return.

Democrats were also thrilled.

They have been waiting for someone to step up and take the fight against Donald Trump.

Obama watched as Trump took apart his legacy.

Trump withdrew from the job-killing Paris Global Warming Accords.

He tore up Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

And Trump also signed the historic tax cut bill that ended the unpopular Obamacare individual mandate.

Obama could not wait to get his revenge.

Barack Obama Attacks Trump

Obama continued attacking Trump in California.

He spoke at a rally for seven Democrats running for Congress.

“If we don’t step up, things can get worse,” Obama said. “In two months, we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics.”

He also tried to woo Never Trump Republicans.

“I want to reach out to some Republicans who kind of harken back to the values of a guy named Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, and who say to themselves … ‘I don’t recognize what’s going on in Washington right now. That’s not what I believe.’”

Republicans Think Obama Made a Big Mistake

But Republicans also loved seeing Obama on the campaign trail.

They believe Obama taking a high-profile role in the election will help boost GOP turnout.

Republican voters do not want Obama reminding them of his failed Presidency.

In 2010 and 2014, Americans voted Obama-backed candidates out of office.

In addition, Hillary Clinton ran on serving Obama’s third term.

The American people rejected that sales pitch and elected Donald Trump.

Obama may be personally popular, but the American people do not like his policies.

Republicans Chances In 2018

Right now, experts give the Democrats the edge in 2018.

The party out of power typically performs well in midterm elections.

Their voters are motivated.

Democrats must flip 23 seats to win back Congress.

The election forecasting site gives the Democrats an 80 percent chance to do that.

But statistic models do not win elections.

Experts rated Hillary Clinton an even bigger favorite to win in 2016.

But Trump won because his voters were more fired up.

Republicans need Trump voters to match that excitement in 2018.

If they do, they can stop the Democrats blue wave.

And seeing Obama ruthlessly attack Donald Trump could provide Republican voters just the jolt they need to turn out to the polls.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the upcoming midterm elections.