With Michael Flynn’s recent resignation from his post as National Security Adviser, the media felt like they scored some points against President Trump and his incoming administration.

The problem is we are all one America and while they were busy tearing Flynn apart, the rest of the world saw weakness and took advantage of it.

Because President Trump has been busy putting out firestorms, he’s had less time to protect America by using the chain-of-command efficiently. So when Russia came knocking on our door with a spy ship of theirs and  warplanes, the heads of the US Navy certainly had reason to fear the Russian bear.

A Russian spy ship sits 30 miles off the coast of Connecticut, a US defense official told CNN, while an armed Russian warplane recently carried out a “mock attack” against a US ship.

The USS Porter was sailing in the Black Sea when it had three encounters with Russian aircraft Friday. They were deemed unsafe and unprofessional because of how close the Russian planes flew to the American destroyer, according to a senior defense official. The Pentagon later released pictures of the encounter.
The development coincided with reports that Russia had deployed a land-based intermediate range cruise missile, a move that one official labeled a violation of the 1987 arms control treaty.

Russia has been the USA’s nemesis since the Cold War when the USA stood up to communism. Now with Putin in charge of Russia,  he is flexing his muscle against the  United States.   He might be trying to draw Trump into a conflict we won’t have the stomach for. This is especially true when one considers the global theater where Russia and Turkey are eyeing Syria and the role of ISIS, which we’re already stuck in thanks to Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Trump certainly has proved in the past he’s willing to hit twice as hard against his opponents, but he has also let it be known that he is seeking a better relationship with Russia and Putin.

So our President in a catch-22 of sorts because he wants to improve relationships with Russia while intending to protect American security which Putin might challenge. Or Putin might finagle something that makes America look like the aggressor if we attack, such as the flyby that happened earlier this week. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, when speaking to Russian media, denied the encounter happened, even after the Pentagon released pictures of the flyby.

If President Trump feels America is threatened, he has shown a willingness to attack. And then we will not just be at war with radical Islam, but against their neighbor to the north. What better opportunity for Russia and Iran to unite with nuclear weapons than a joint-destruction of the USA!