Now that Donald Trump is set to get into office in two months, he’s facing an uphill battle for getting things into motion.

Many fear that some of the promises Trump made on the campaign trail will be stopped or even blocked by Republican and Democrats alike.

Things like building a wall at the border, stopping ISIS in its tracks, getting jobs back to America.

And that’s because there is currently no money in the budget.

When Trump was making promises with the American people, he didn’t specifically outline how he was going to do what he said he was going to do.

That’s the sign of a good leader, laying out the grand plan. You just gotta get the right people on the bus.

You see, all these career politicians are naysaying what Trump promised. They’re scared because there’s no money in place and the USA already has a large national debt.

According to The Hill, this was one Congressman’s viewpoint:

“I was disappointed that it wasn’t brought up in the campaign — anybody’s campaign really — it really wasn’t mentioned,” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said of deficits and debt.

There are departments that can be shrunk or cut. There are whole departments that are full of bureaucrats and red tape that can be streamlined. Better technologies can be put into place to save the government. The problem is career politicians looking out for their own interests and not the interests of the country.

What needs to happen most is to get the right people in the places, so these ideas can be put into place.

If Trump plans on being successful, he’s going to need to find the money.

And luckily for America, before Trump entered into politics, he was a real-estate billionaire- he developed hotels, casinos, and other projects that needed vision and financing.

But if Hillary Clinton had been elected, she wouldn’t know where to begin. As a career politician, the only money she came up with was at the expense of the taxpayers.

Well…. That’s not totally true. She also was pretty good at illegally bringing in money from The Clinton Foundation. And she somehow became a multi-millionaire while being a public servant.

Maybe Obama had better plans. After all, he promised to fundamentally change America. We were in roughly $9 Trillion in debt when he came in.

So now where do we stand? Oh right, we have $19.8 TRILLION in debt… more than doubling the debt in eight years.

If Trump lifts government regulations and gets people back to work, the economy will respond. Trump is not going to fix $20 Trillion in debt overnight, but if he stops the bleeding and reverses course on government spending, that alone would be more than Obama has done in the last eight years who started his presidency with a gigantic depression for the economy.

What do you think of the USA being short on funds for Donald Trump’s plans?