EPAObama’s EPA is not doing itself any favors. In April 2015, they poisoned a river in Colorado after breaching the water holding area. Nearly 1 million gallons of contaminated water poured into the Animas River near Durango, CO. The EPA sheepishly went to the public and said “Avoid the river”. This does not do any justice to the magnitude of the natural disaster that occurred nor does it help the citizens affected.

More recently the Environmental Protection Agency was reported as shirking their duties in “protecting” the environment across the United States. In fact, they are doing exactly what you would expect from a government agency–dragging their feet. A Daily Caller Investigation report just uncovered the EPA’s lack of accountability and process delays that have been putting entire communities at risk.

People living near up to 302 highly-contaminated sites controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have faced health hazards from pollution for years or sometimes decades, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has found.

Those sites are part of the EPA’s Superfund program, which is intended to clean the most dangerous and polluted places in America. But the agency has either been unable or unwilling to decontaminate many of the locations, allowing pollution to fester, a DCNF analysis of more than 1,300 active Superfund sites found.

This is terrible! The EPA is the organization tasked with cleaning up these sites. And they are supposed to work hand-in-hand with the companies responsible for the cleanup. But there is no one holding their feet to the fire. It’s not the companies who suffer. It’s the locals. The companies use the back yard of local residents to toss their waste. It will get into the drinking water or the ground and linger. One such case was brought to national attention through the 2000 biography, Erin Brokovich, starring Julia Roberts.

Brokovich managed to bring a multi-billion class action suit against the company.

But in a situation like this, the bad guy isn’t just a company. It’s the government itself. And when they’ve shown to desire to clean up their messes, there is not a clear method to force them to start. 30 sites considered Superfund sites have been under the EPA watch for 30 years or longer. Certainly there are other bodies that can move faster that.

That’s just unacceptable from either side of the aisle. This is people’s lives on the line and the government won’t let anyone else clean them up, but won’t touch them either.

When Donald Trump gets into office, someone should bring this to his attention. While the EPA wasn’t a high priority for Trump on his path to the White House, his past history of watching government bureaucrats do nothing about an ice-skating-rink eyesore gives hope. The rink became so bad and run down, Trump offered to take it over from the city and fix it himself. When the city accepted, he contacted the people who know the most about ice skating rinks (Canadians) and asked them to take it on. It just took some initiative that government nitwits don’t have.

What do you think of the do-nothing EPA neglecting these clean ups?