It’s no surprise there are holdovers from the Obama establishment. Try as he might, President Trump can’t purge the whole system all at once. There are too many people within the government who Obama placed into positions of authority or even gave regular jobs.

But the idea that these hold-outs would resort to treason is shameful.

And this sabotage could have disastrous effects on the Trump Presidency.

For example, Donald Trump recently had a privileged conversation with some of our allies. Keep in mind, this is the President of the United States discussing strategy. And some of these low-level Benedict Arnolds are causing problems out of spite. They have leaked Trump’s transcripts to the public.

This is a direct attack on the office of the Presidency and not just a juvenile prank.

Trump, speaking to Fox News, accused “Obama people” of giving news organizations embarrassing details of his recent tense phone conversations with his Australian and Mexican counterparts, and said that the holdovers from the Obama administration still serving on his White House and National Security Council staff were being replaced.
“It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country,” Trump said, without stating why he believed that career civil servants who work in Democratic and Republican administrations were the source of the leaks. “It’s a very dangerous thing for this country,” he said.

So Obama cronies have set out to embarrass Trump by leaking candid conversations and hoping Trump toes the line next time. However, Trump is not one of those people who will take something without a fight.

When he campaigned against 16 other candidates in the Republican primary, he started drawing fire from the other candidates. He basically said ‘If someone hits me, I’m going to hit back twice as hard’ and he did, going on the attack against every other candidate. That’s his persona. He’s 70 years old at this point. He’s not going to change.

When these civil servants are uncovered, there surely will be hell to pay. Trump will not idly sit by and let them take potshots at him. He’s been very vocal that he is doing what he is doing because our country has a porous border. He imposed a short-term ban on refugees to ensure the vetting process was working. He gave the go-ahead for the wall on our southern border to be built so we can protect our sovereignty. And when civil servants undermine the President to humiliate him, Trump sees that as an attack on America.